ffars tamisemi go tz login live 2021 (Facility Financial Accounting and Reporting System Login)


ffars tamisemi go tz login live 2021 (Facility Financial Accounting and Reporting System Login)

FFARS operates as both as web based application as well as mobile application.As mobile application is compatible with android 4.1 and higher version. The application requires internet connection in order to access the application use and serve data to database.Data served in database can be viewed using any web browser. After insatallation on mobile device, FFARS can be used without any further configuration.

ffars tamisemi go tz login live 2021. FFARS is an application that allows to record Budget disbursement, expenditure and generating report at Facility level,Council lever,Regional level and Ministry level. The application provides an electronic version of Facility level Facility Financial Acounting and Reporting System.

ffars tamisemi go tz login live 2021

By the time you have received this manual and you want to access FFARS, you should already have access to the internet. This manual assumes the following:  You have provided a Uniform Resource Locator (URL):ffars.herokuapp.com  You have an administrative privilege on the site. If you do not have a username/password, contact for developers.


Username and Password will be provided by the appropriate level. After the first login, the system will take you out so as to change default Password by choosing password of their chooses.

To login into FFARS

Open your browser and type the following address

The following interface will appear

When user enter User name and Password will be directed to the Dashboard and shows the amount of Money received, expenditure and balance for every level of users Click here to Login



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