Makisatu 2022 registration of creators of the national science, technology and innovation competition (makisatu) 2022


Makisatu 2022 registration of creators of the national science, technology and innovation competition (makisatu) 2022

Makisatu 2022

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, invites creative, innovative and indigenous Tanzanians to participate in the 2022 National Science, Technology and Innovation Competition (MAKISATU).

Registration started on December 27, 2021 and will end on February 10, 2022. The competition will involve seven groups of designers whose registration is coordinated and managed by various institutions.

Registration for the FIRST and SECOND group, which includes Universities and Institutions for Research and Development will be done by COSTECH;

Registration for THIRD and FOURth group, which includes Vocational Colleges and Informal Systems will be done by VETA and Council Offices in the country;

Registration for the FIVE group, which includes Central Colleges will be done by NACTE & DIT; and Registration for Group SIX and SEVEN, comprising Primary and Secondary schools will be done by the respective Regional Education Officers’ Offices. Guidelines and Forms are provided through designated administrators or the website

The evaluation of the submitted innovations will be done to determine the winners who will participate in the Tanzania Creative Week in 2022.

For more information contact 0754-520176 or 0784-865994 or email



The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has been co-ordinating and conducting the National Science, Technology and Innovation Competition (MAKISATU) since 2019 in collaboration with the Office of the President Regional Administration and Local Government (OR-PMO-RALG), National Science Commission and Technology (COSTECH), Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology (DIT), National Council for Technical Education (NACTE), Vocational Education and Training Authority (VETA). The competition is part of the implementation of the Government’s strategy to strengthen and develop local indigenous technologies and knowledge so that they can contribute to the country’s economy.

The aim of MAKISATU is to identify, identify and develop Tanzanian innovation, discovery and indigenous knowledge in the fields of Science and Technology to contribute to efforts to bring about social and economic development in the country. The expected outcome of MAKISATU is the growth of innovation in the field of science and technology; the use of science, technology and innovation in economic and social activities; developing innovation to achieve entrepreneurship; stimulate scientific and technological innovation and innovation.

The theme of MAKISATU 2022 is “Innovation for sustainable development”, (innovation for sustainable development).

The competition involves designers from seven (7) categories which are:
i. Primary Schools;
ii. Secondary Schools;
iii. Vocational Colleges;
iv. Vocational Colleges;
v. Universities;
vi. Research and Development Institutions; and
vii. Informal System.

  • Primary School Group, involves student designers at the primary school level (Government and Private);
  • The Secondary School Group, which includes student designers at the secondary school level (Government and Private);
  • Vocational Skills Group, which includes staff designers and alumni in Vocational Colleges and Community Development Colleges (FDCs);
  • Vocational Colleges Group, comprising designers, workers and alumni) in technical and training colleges (Government and Private);
  • The University Group, comprises designers, staff and alumni in universities (Government and Private);
    Research and Development Group, comprising designers, staff at Research and Development Institutions (Government and Private); and
  • The Informal System Group, comprises designers from outside the mentioned groups from 31 Regions of Mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar. These regions include 26 Regions of Mainland Tanzania and 05 Regions of Zanzibar.

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