How to Succeed in UTUMISHI Oral Interview 2022


How to Succeed in UTUMISHI Oral Interview

How to Succeed in UTUMISHI Oral Interview. If you succeed in succeeding in writing / alternative practical and going to the oral interview stage So be prepared when you are in front of the panel

1. If your cadre involves work that you will often be on site then wear it normally do not wear a suit and be very smart to pass. wear site shoes If It’s boot, cardet et.c

2.Know the alternatives or alternatives for your work if the ones you studied in college will not be on site. I.e. for example the device is probably wrong. What are the other ways to make your boss get what he sent you.3.

3.When you explain something Use a lot of hands to point it out. If it is a question that requires you to explain something that is in phases then rotate your hands in a cycle way.

4.Never answer in Swahili. They have a habit of wanting to skip a question and they have seen that you will pretend they are asking you in Swahili and you will find that they have made it easier for you when you are lost answer all questions in English only.

5.Put your passport photo on the back of your phone cover. During the interview your phones will be collected and labeled Now follow all the instructions but don’t forget to put your photo back you will thank me later.

6.Make sure that for any question that arises you have a link to your job description, that is for example they have asked you to explain your educational background.

7.Don’t laugh at them too much, that is, even though at the beginning of the preparations for the start of the interview, they will want you to smile, but do not smile.

8.If they want you to keep mentioning more points More you can be a crush by telling them that those are what you remember but be sure you will mention the main If If Five will mention all but if they want you to just keep mentioning by smiling “sir that is all what I remember”

9.rely on the following questions. education background, hazards that may arise at your job on the issues you are dealing with, equipment you use at work, plan to do in case those materials are faulty, application of your cadre.

10.Register in the middle, there is always a paper to write names then you are called do not register at the beginning or at the very end.

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