Mfumo wa maombi Vyuo vya Kilimo Tanzania (MATI MIS 2022/ 2023)


Mfumo wa maombi Vyuo vya Kilimo Tanzania (MATI MIS 2022/ 2023), MATI application form 2022/2023 The Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Agriculture is announcing agricultural training opportunities at the level Diploma and Diploma in Agriculture. Applicants for this training are graduates of Form 4 (D) with two D’s (2) in science subjects and “D” two (2) of other non-religious subjects; Form Six (6) graduates with achievement of one (1) Principal and one (1) Subsidiary; agricultural training graduates Undergraduate Diploma in Agriculture (Basic Technician-NTA Level 4); and Diploma in agriculture (Technician certificate-NTA Level 5).

Mfumo wa maombi Vyuo vya Kilimo Tanzania
Mfumo wa maombi Vyuo vya Kilimo Tanzania


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Mfumo wa maombi Vyuo vya Kilimo Tanzania (MATI MIS 2022/ 2023)

Mati application form 2022/2023, The Ministry welcomes applications to join the training at Agricultural Colleges Government registered with the National Council for Vocational Education and Training Technical Skills (NACTVET) based on the features identified in this announcement from June 14, 2022 to July 30, 2022.

i. Applicants are required to register and apply electronically for the system MATI MIS at this address
ii. On an electronic system the applicant attaches a copy of his / her certificates Certified (including birth certificate).
iii. Applicant may choose three (3) courses at various colleges to begin with and the one he loves the most.
iv. Responses for those selected to join the various courses will be provided through The ‘account’ used by the applicant to apply for the training after verification by NACTVET.

v. A training join form will be provided by the college of choice applicant using his address. All applicants are advised to write full address, email and telephone number available for communication more.
vi. The deadline for submitting an electronic application is July 30, 2022



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