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Sifa za Kujiunga JKT , Nafasi za jkt 2022, Maombi Ya kujiunga na jkt 2022.The Nation Building Force (JKT). This article contain information about Procedure for Joining JKT Tanzania 2022/Sifa za Kujiunga na JKT 2022. The Nation Building Force (JKT) has been the source of young people being recruited by the country’s Defense and Security Forces such as JWTZ, Police, Prisons, National Security and private security institutions. So the Nation Building Army is taking on young volunteers and in accordance with the law. To prepare young people for a responsible society and a work ethic.

The establishment of JKT, was inspired by the ideas of the TANU Youth League, at their General Assembly held in Tabora on 25 Aug 62, under the late former Secretary General of the Union, the late Joseph Nyerere.

On 19 Apr 63, the Tanganyika Cabinet under the President of the Republic of Tanganyika and the Father of the Nation Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere, adopted the TANU Youth Coalition Resolution and unanimously decided to establish JKT on 10 Jul 1963. first trained at Mgulani camp in Dar es salaam with a total of 11 youths from 11 different districts.

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Sifa za Kujiunga na JKT 2022

Sifa za Kujiunga JKT
Sifa za Kujiunga JKT

Sifa za Kujiunga JKT 2022| Conditions for joining the Nation Building Army (JKT)

Conditions for a young volunteer for joining the Nation Building Army 

1. Be a citizen of Tanzania

2. Must be between the ages of 18-23

3. Should have completed standard Seven and continue

4. He must not be married and have no dependents

5. Be willing to follow all the military rules that will be on him while in the military (escape, theft, drunkenness, smoking marijuana, drugs and pregnancy etc.) The military is a serious offense and you will be prosecuted and terminated by JKT

6. Be ready to return home after concluding his contract with the Nation Building Army

7. Have good manners and conduct.

Procedure for Joining JKT

JKT enrolls young volunteers from all regions of the country every year. The procedure used is for JKT to write a letter to the regional heads and outline the vacancies that the region has been allocated.

After the Region received a letter from the JKT Chief and the number of vacancies for young people scheduled to join. The province allocates those positions according to its districts. Districts are also required to deploy in divisions, counties and villages. District officials often post advertisements for these vacancies on their bulletin board.

JKT announces opportunities to join the army through Government and private media with a view to speeding up the report. for citizens especially the youth. Preliminary interviews are held under the District Defense and Security Committees where the youths come from, later held in the region, to determine the number of youths in the entire region.

When the exercise is completed in the regions, JKT sends teams of officers and soldiers from JKT Headquarters to screen young people interviewed in all regions of Mainland Tanzania. Young people are tested for their health and transported to JKT forces.

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        Nafasi zimesha tangazwa Namimi napenda kuwa polisi nimemaliza kidato cha nne 2020

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