Fomu za kujiunga na VETA 2022/2023


Fomu za kujiunga na VETA 2022/2023, Ada za veta. VETA provides training through 33 vocational training centres and institutes that it owns. Also, it provides training to vocational teachers through its Vocational teachers Training College in Morogoro.

Fomu za kujiunga na veta 2022
Fomu za kujiunga na veta 2022

VETA coordinates more than 700 VET institutions owned by other VET providers in the country, providing training in form of long courses, short courses and tailor-made courses. Also, VETA conducts Labour Market Surveys to determine skills demanded by labour market.

As well, the Authority establishes and maintains close linkage and partnership with other training providers at national and zonal levels.

VETA regulates provision of vocational education and training in the Country through Registration of VET Institutions; Accreditation; Setting Standards; Curriculum Development; Auditing for Compliance; Assessment; and Certification.

How to get Fomu za kujiunga na veta 2022/2023

VETA is charged with the role of promoting vocational education and training in the Country. VETA believes that the public can support VET if it is provided with adequate information about VET goals and activities.

Promotion is carried by communicating VET to different stakeholders including the Government, parents, employers, employees, and donors. Other targets include current and prospective trainees, instructors; VET graduates legislators, trade unions, NGOs and the media.

VETA uses different media in communicating VET to stakeholders: through advertisement, VET week activities, public presentations, trade fairs and exhibitions and publicity. Others include newsletters, annual reports, brochures, VET catalogues, website and other promotional materials.


  1. Dismas j mariananga says

    Dismas j mariananga @ ningependa kujua kama mafunzo ya ufundi Bomba ni kuanzia elimu gani

    1. admin says

      VETA Mafunzo ni kuanzia Darasa la Saba Mkuu

      1. Jelly says

        Nahitaji kujiunga na veta ufundi sina maelekezo yeyote please naombeni msaada 0693814344

      2. Miraji athumani ikumbiko says

        Asa Ada ya kujifuza udereva bei gan?..

      3. Anonymous says

        Naomba Mawasiliano veta mkoa wa mwanza

        1. Erick says

          Course ya smart driving kwa mtu anaye anza mwanzo anatakiwa kujiunga vipi na chuo cha veta na fomu zinapatikanaje

  2. Enock isaya abdul says

    Nahitaji kujiunga nachuo chenu Cha veta

    1. Neema says

      Naomba fomu ya kujiunga na beta changombe

  3. Cynock Lyimo says

    Form za long course zinatoka lini

    1. Tino Munishi says

      Naomba fom ya maombi ya kujiunga na veta. Na jinsi ya kujaza online

      1. admin says

        Kujaza Fomu nenda kwenye Chuo husika cha VETA ukajaze Fomu, Au Bofya Hapa kucheki Vyuo vya VETA

  4. Deo says

    Zile nafasi znazotelewa na serikal zmeishapita muda wake au

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