NACTE verification 2022/23 | NACTE Student Verification

NACTE verification 2022/23 | NACTE Student Verification. NACTE verification 2022/2023,  The National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) is a corporate body established by the National Council for Technical Education Act, 1997 (Act No. 9 of 1997). The Act provides a legal framework for the Council to coordinate provision of technical education and training and establish an efficient national qualifications system that will ensure that products from technical institutions are of high quality and respond to changing needs as well as technological innovations in the world.
NACTE verification 2022
NACTE verification 2022

NACTE verification 2022/23 | NACTE Student Verification

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NACTE student verification, Uthibitisho TAMISEMI 2021 | College Verification System TAMISEMI. Students scheduled at Vocational Education Colleges those available under NACTE are required to:
  1. Verify agreeing to join courses administered by National Council for Technical Education (NACTE).

The student will make a confirmation through the link the so-called UTHIBITISHO TAMISEMI 2021 on the Council website National Institute of Vocational Education (NACTE) which is to accept nominations for the course and colleges assigned to them.

  1. A student who will not prove accepting an opportunity will be given to other students who continue to apply to colleges so by the way network.
  2. Students who need to make a course or college changes when selected, they are allowed to do so from the start now via NACTE website
  3. The colleges that are scheduled for students, will get a list of selected from NACTE through the System (through Institution Pannel) after the validation period and the shift is completed.
  4. Instructions on how to enroll students to report Colleges to start courses will be provided by the National Council of Technical Education (NACTE).
  5. Graduated students at  MOSHI Cooperative University and Mbeya University of Science and Technology they will not be involved with NACTE’s changing procedure, thus they should contact the respective colleges.




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