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Ajira mradi wa bomba la mafuta Tanzania 2023, jinsi ya kuomba ajira bomba la mafuta, nafasi za kazi kampuni za mafuta, bomba la mafuta 2023, Ajira Bomba la mafuta Tanzania.

EACOP is being constructed in parallel with two upstream development projects which are not part of EACOP development and investment, known as Tilenga and Kingfisher respectively.  Each development will consist of a Central Processing Facility (CPF) to separate and treat the oil, water and gas produced by the wells.  Kingfisher will have 4 well pads and a CPF with a peak daily capacity of 42000 bbl/d.  Tilenga has 31 wellpads and a 204000 bbl/d CPF.

Tilenga and Kingfisher CPFs will be connected by feeder lines to the starting point of EACOP at Kabaale.  Here the oil will be metered and then comingled into a single stream.  The Ugandan Refinery project has a right of first call to 60,000 bbl/d, with the remainder of the oil being exported via EACOP.

The pipeline route via Tanzania was confirmed in April 2016 at a summit with the East African Heads of State.  In the period 2016-2018 the EACOP route was studied and narrowed down to its final width of 30 metres, allowing to then initiate land surveys and the Environmental and Social Impact Assessments.

This EACOP will be designed, constructed, financed and operated through a dedicated Pipeline Company with the same name.  The shareholders in EACOP are affiliates of the three Upstream joint venture partners (the Uganda National Oil Company, TotalEnergies E&P Uganda and CNOOC Uganda) together with the Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation.   Shareholdings are TotalEnergies 62%, UNOC and TPDC 15% each and CNOOC 8%.

18 metre pipe lengths will be transported from the coast to the Coating Yard in order to install the thermal insulation and external protective coating. Insulated pipe will then be transported from the Coating Yard to the MCPYs.

Ajira mradi wa bomba la mafuta Tanzania 2023

As a major energy operator, EACOP shareholders must contribute to the development of our host countries. Going above and beyond our contractual obligations, we ensure that our operations create value and opportunities by supporting employment, training and the local industrial fabric.

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