Musoma Utalii Training college, is a private owned college which was established on 05th Jan 2001, at a hiring Rumumba house number 19 in Musoma Municipal Council.
It started with two courses and five students taking Hotel Management and Tourism respectively.

Following the registration by (VETA),
the college managed to add another course to make a total of three courses and twelve students till the end of the year. In 2013 the college got a full registration from NACTE with registration number REG/TLF/120 with its name MUSOMA UTALII TRAINING COLLEGE.

Until there, the college had the total number of students which is not less than 700 students, per year we have several students carrying on their courses, with their professional teachers students enjoy much when they practice on what they have learned, and this become the principal law of the college which encourages “learn by doing”

If you plan to become a teacher, special educator, administrator or a human service provider, you will find a diverse array of learning, social/cultural, professional, and practice communities in the College.

These communities and your fellow students will provide you a supportive climate and a culture of belonging where you are respected and affirmed. In addition to our academic programs, the MUTC College includes an alliance of nationally prominent supportive materials, full equipped classes, and affiliated research and outreach units working to fulfill the college mission.

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