How to create WordPress website in just 50 minutes

If you have been in a situation where you want to create a modern website for your business, then today through this article I will show you step by step how you can create a complete, beautiful, smart and modern website, for your business in a very short time.

I sincerely hope that by the end of this article you will be able to create your own website. 

Let me first summarize the steps we will take in this article.

  1. Buying Domain and Hosting
  2. To install WordPress
  3. Install Plugins and Themes
  4. Installing Template
  5. To upload your information
  6. Conclusion



Domain is the address of your website, which means that people using that address will be able to access your website directly online. I think you know the domains just say, you probably didn’t know they were called domains, the example of a domain is like;,,, e.t.c  you can choose any name for your domain and people will find you there.


It is a system that enables your domain to be seen online and also to ensure that the domain is linked to the website you are creating.
Without hosting your website will not be visible online and without a domain you will not be able to be accessed by anyone online. So domain and hosting are the pillars of a website and both are interdependent.


There are many ways to buy domain and hosting, there are simple, complex, costly, and cheap  methods but they all differ in performance especially hosting.
Too many hosting sold by companies vary in standards and quality. Except today I will use hosting which I personally very much appreciate.
Because, it works well i.e. it has speed and security, its cost is very cheap, and also easy to use, the beginner you will be given a free Domain for the whole year, it is called BLUEHOST

  • Start by visiting Bluehost here: Bluehost Hosting, then click GET STARTED to start registration.


  • Select the package you want according to your need, by clicking SELECT.


  • Enter the name you need to be your DOMAIN, below the words “Create a new domain” is Free.


  • Once you have listed your domain, select the extension you wish your domain to have. Example: .com, .org and so on. Except, they are not on that list, so you will need to purchase another component and then connect it to BLUEHOST.

    I will provide another copy to help people, how to integrate DOMAIN’s, or, into Hosting, you can now download the free .com just right here at Bluehost. Then Click NEXT

Blue Host

  • At this point you will fill in your information as you will be asked.


  • Make sure your package, also check if there is anything you need to add or subtract. Then fill out the Payment Statement, using VISA or MASTERCARD.

You can use VODACOM MASTERCARD or AIRTEL MASTERCARD, if you do not have a Visa or Mastercard bank card

Blue Host 2

When you have completed Completion of your Package Payment, You will see a similar Page below, then you will click CREATE YOUR PASSWORD to complete the registration and set up security on your Bluehost Account.

Blue Host 3

2. INSTALL WORDPRESS. Click here on how to Install WordPress


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