Africariers Limited new sponsor of Simba Sc Club 2021/ Mdhamini mpya Club ya Simba


Africariers Limited new sponsor of Simba Sc Club 2021/ Mdhamini mpya Club ya Simba Sc Club

Simba Club has signed a four-year contract with Africarriers Car Rental Company for the transportation of teams including seniors, women (Simba Queens) and youth under the age of 17 worth Sh800 million.

The Africarriers have provided a modern Golden Dragon bus with a capacity of 60 passengers for the senior team, Eicher with a capacity of 35 people for the Women’s Team and Costa for the Youth Team.

Under the agreement, Africarriers become the official carriers of the Simba Sc Club team by road as is the case with Air Tanzania by air.

Africarriers Marketing Director, Zain Pirbhai said as their fire says ‘We Drive Africa’ and the Lions are doing well in the African Championships so they are happy to work with them.

“It will be beneficial to both parties in the agreement and he believes in the next four years everything will go well,” he said.

For her part, the club’s Chief Executive Officer, Barbara Gonzalez said the jerseys of the under-17 team will have the Africarriers logo on their chests while the senior and Simba Queens travel jerseys will have the logo on hand.

“For four months they will transporting our Simba Queens Women’s team and they have seen the benefits they have received from working with Simba have decided to enter into this contract for both teams and we are grateful for that,” Barbara.

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