HESLB waliopata mkopo 2021/22 pdf| Jinsi ya kutazama majina ya waliopata mkopo 2021/22



HESLB loan allocation majina ya waliopata mkopo 2021/22 | Jinsi ya kutazama majina ya waliopata mkopo 2021/22

HESLB OLAMS – Student’s Individual Permanent Account (SIPA) is an online web app created by HESLB to manage and process students loan application details , students can apply for a Higher education loan through the Online loan application system HESLB SIPA OLAMS.

HESLB was launched with a  purpose of providing financial assistance to higher education Students. Want to register or login for HESLB? You will need to sigh up from the HESLB portal. Subsequent HESLB logins will be simple.

HESLB loan allocation majina ya waliopata mkopo

The HESLB Online Loan Application and Management System is very easy to use. When you register and login you will have access to everything from loan application to allocation and disbursement status. Who can use the portal? Any registered or existing students can have free and unlimited access to the portal. Create an account or Login using your credentials to get started.

In order to access your HESLB Student Login portal, follow the following procedures

Visit HESLB Loan Portal: Or Click the Link Below to Download PDF
  1. Enter your Form Four Index Number e.g S0143. 0078.1990.
  2. Enter your Password & Security Code.
  3. Click on ‘Log in
Loan application Window was opened in July 1 2021 and closed at 15 September 2021, Loan application process go through various step including:-
  • Ensure all Birth certificates for students who were born in foreign countries and Death Certificates for Tanzanian Parents who died in foreign countries are certified by respective Embassies located in the United Republic of Tanzania
  • Ensure that your loan application form is dully filled and signed before submission;
  • Applications must be completed with correct (and accurate) details;
  • Each applicant is advised to keep a copy of complete package of the application form submitted to HESLB for future reference (if required) and
  • All applicants must strictly observe the set application deadline.



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