Mbalizi Polytechnic College – Mbeya Admission into March Intake 2022



Mbalizi Polytechnic College – Mbeya Admission into March Intake 2022. Mbalizi Polytechnic College(MPC) is a private college owned with crop farmer coffee and other crops Mr Philip T Mwasegile.This farmer has been got a certificate of better farming be the first winner in the rural district of Mbeya and won the second in the region of Mbeya during the exhibition of the feast of the farmers of the region southwest.

The college has full registration with NACTE for REG/SAT/029 and Vocational Education And Training Authority(VETA).

Mbalizi Polytechnic College offer the following programmes;

  1. Certificate in General Agriculture
  2. Certificate in Animal Husbandry
  3. Certificate in Horticulture And Field Crops


Mbalizi Polytechnic College Fee structure

s/nItem/Payment     Each Year
1Registration Costs20,000/=
2Tuition Fees350,000/=350,000/=
4VETA Fees15,000/=
5Student’s Identity Card10,000/=
6Student’s Union10,000/=
7Accomodation Cost100,000/=100,000/=
8Caution Money10,000/=
9Practical Fee70,000/=
10Examination Cost50,000/=


Mbalizi Polytechnic College Institutional Details

Wasiliana nao Through Emails:
Principal :0719267509
Operation Manager :0712456570

Institute Details
Registration NoREG/SAT/029
Institute Name:Mbalizi Polytechnic College – Mbeya
Registration Status:Full Registered InstituteEstablishment Date:10-Apr-2001
Registration Date:28-May-2014Accreditation Status:Not Accredited
District:Mbeya District CouncilFixed Phone0757305559
Phone:0757305559,Address:P. O. BOX 4614, MBEYA
Email Address:mbalizicollege@gmail.comWeb
Programmes offered by Institution
SNProgramme NameNTA Level(s)
1Agriculture Production4 – 6


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