Job Vacancy at Bukoba Distrct Council April 2022


Job Vacancy at Bukoba Distrct Council April 2022

Bukoba District Council was formally established in 1958, then known as the ‘Native Authority’ under colonial rule. Bukoba District Council is one of the 8 Councils that make up the Kagera Region. This council is one of the oldest councils in the country.

Bukoba District Council covers an area of 2,844 square kilometers. Of these 300 square kilometers are covered by the waters of Lake Victoria and Lake Ikimba equivalent to 10.5 percent. The area suitable for agriculture is 1,045 square kilometers equivalent to 37%. An area of 879 square kilometers serves as grazing area equivalent to 30.5 percent The remaining area of 620 square kilometers equivalent to 22 percent is rocks and forests.

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Job Vacancy at Bukoba Distrct Council

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