President Samia increases subsistence allowance by 108%

President Samia Suluhu Hassan has issued a permit to adjust the subsistence allowance for domestic travel for public servants and the level of special service pay (Extra Duty) for public servants in the country whose implementation officially begins July 1, 2022.

President Samia Increases Subsistence Allowance

President Samia increases subsistence allowance

Permanent Secretary, Office of the President, Public Service Management, Dr. Laurean Ndumbaro said as a result of the permit, the maximum allowance for domestic travel subsidies has increased from Shs. 120,000 / = to Shs. 250,000 / = and a minimum from Shs. 80,000 to Shs. 100,000 / =.

He added that the level of remuneration for special work has increased at all levels, where at the lower level it has increased from shillings 15,000 / = to 30,000 / =, at the middle level it has increased from shillings 20,000 / = to 40,000 / = and at higher level it has increased from 30,000 shillings to 60,000 / =

Dkt. Ndumbaro stressed that the new rates will be paid by the Government through the budget approved by the Parliament of the United Republic of Tanzania for the Financial Year 2022/2023, so institutions should not request additional budget to pay those rates to its employees.

Following the increase, Drs. Ndumbaro called on all Public Servants in the country to work hard, knowledge, professionalism and high discipline to actively support the President’s efforts to improve the welfare of Public Servants.

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