TAMISEMI Procedure for changing form five combination 2022. Acting Secretary General Office of the President Regional Administration and Local Government (OR-PMO-RALG), Dr. Charles Msonde said the students who were selected to join the Fifth Form in various areas and had health problems or had mistakenly filled out Selfom by writing different living areas and realistically submitted those challenges to their Regional Administrative Secretaries so that they could be resolved.

Tamisemi Procedure For Changing Form Five Combination 2022

KAIMU Katibu Mkuu OR-TAMISEMI, Dkt. Charles Msonde

Dkt. Msonde said this today while announcing the preparations for the opening of a Form Five school for students on June 13,222.

TAMISEMI Procedure for changing form five combination 2022

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Tamisemi 2022

He said, following a statement issued by the Minister of State – PMO-RALG, Hon. Innocent Bashungwa on May 13,2022 to allocate schools for Form Five students and colleges. due to various causes including disease, incorrectly filling Selform by showing living areas different from reality.

“OR-PMO-RALG urges all those with such challenges to submit them to the offices of the Regional Administrative Secretaries for resolution.

“The Regional Administrative Secretaries have been provided with guidance on how to deal with the challenges of relocation and the transfer of specialization to use as a reference when addressing the various challenges of parents and students,” he said.

He also noted that, students were selected and assigned to the school based on their preferred options and competition among them in those options as well as the schools they recommended.

In addition, the number of students assigned to each school depended on the space available in each school to avoid overcrowding in the classroom and accommodation.

He also asked the students to ensure that they report to the school no later than a week away from the school opening date which is June 13,2022 otherwise the position will be given to another student who is on the waiting list.

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