Bajeti kuu ya serikali 2022/ 23 | Education Sector. Mr. Speaker, the Government Budget for 2022/23 is the second in the implementation of the Third Five-Year National Development Plan 2021/22 – 2025/26 with the responsibility of “Creating a Competitive and Industrial Economy for Human Development”. In addition, the main responsibility for the 2022/23 budget as agreed by the member states of the East African Community is “Accelerating Economic Recovery and Strengthening Productive Sectors for Improving Lives”.

Bajeti Kuu Ya Serikali 2022/ 23

Bajeti kuu ya serikali 2022/ 23

In fulfilling this responsibility in 2022/23, priority will be given to the productive sectors including Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Energy, Investment and Trade. The aim of the CCM Government led by His Excellency Samia Suluhu Hassan President of the United Republic of Tanzania and Chairman of CCM is to build the economy, tackle poverty as well as unemployment especially among the youth.

Government Debt | Deni la taifa

Mr. Speaker, as of April 2022, Government debt was 69.44 trillion shillings, equivalent to an increase of 14.4 percent compared to 60.72 trillion shillings in April 2021. Of that amount, domestic debt is 22.37 trillion shillings, equivalent to 32.2 percent and debt exports are 47.07 trillion shillings, equivalent to 67.8 percent. Of the external debt, commercial debt is 14.27 trillion shillings, equivalent to 30.3 percent. Thus, the bulk of the external debt is concessional loans.

Mr. Speaker, the assessment of Government debt sustainability conducted in November 2021 in accordance with the Credit, Guarantee and Grants Act Chapter 134 showed that Government debt indicators are within the internationally accepted range in the short, medium and long term . In the assessment, the indicators show that: the ratio of the current value of Government debt to GDP is 31.0 percent compared to the limit of 55 percent; the ratio of the current value of external debt to GDP is 18.8 percent compared to the limit of 40 percent; and the ratio of the current value of external debt to exports is 142.4 percent compared to the limit of 180 percent.

Bajeti kuu ya serikali 2022/ 23 | Education Sector

Education, Science and Technology

Mr. Speaker, the Government has continued to fund the free primary education program where up to April 2022, a total of 244.5 billion shillings was disbursed. Honorable Samia Suluhu Hassan President of the United Republic of Tanzania and Chairman of CCM is deeply moved by children dropping out of school for various reasons.

Among the reasons for dropping out of school are income poverty in our families, teenage pregnancies, poor awareness of education in some communities and truancy and those who do not continue to follow the law (Success). To address the drop out of students from poor families, we still have children who are unable to meet basic needs despite the existence of a free education program and are therefore assisted by MPs, councilors and others contributed by good Samaritans.

I suggest setting up a special fund (Special Fund) through TASAF that will help children from poor families. On that basis I recommend starting with 8 billion for poor children who will be available on the TASAF database and reports from MPs and councilors.

Form Five without Fee | Form Five Bila Ada

Mr. Speaker, currently there are approximately 90,825 Form Five students and 56,880 Form Six students. The cash requirement is 10,339,350,000 shillings. In order to reduce the cost of these children as Mr. President directed the Ministry, I propose to abolish the Fee for Form Five and Six students. At that point, Education without Fees is from primary schools to form six. The government will plan to look at ways to support middle schools as the economic situation stabilizes.

Mr. Speaker, in 2022/23, the Government will implement the Higher Education for Economic Transformation (HEET) project worth US $ 425 million. This project will involve the construction of infrastructure in mother universities and in several regions without universities. including Lindi, Kagera, Rukwa, Katavi, Manyara and completed the construction of the Institute of Marine Science Zanzibar and the construction of a new ICT college in Dodoma.

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