8 Job Vacancies at Handeni Town Council _ Various Posts


Job Vacancies at Handeni Town Council. Handeni Town Council also known as Handeni Urban District is one of the 11 districts of the Tanga Region of Tanzania.The district covers an area of 837.4 km2 (323.3 sq mi).The administrative capital of the district is Mdoe. Handeni Town District is bordered to the east by Handeni District and the west by Kilindi District. VISION of  The  Town council aims at having a learned community with improved standard of life, who are living harmoniously and peacefully by June 2025.

Job Vacancies at Handeni Town Council
Job Vacancies at Handeni Town Council

MISSION of the Town Council is to use all available resources from all development partners on equitable and participatory manner, so as to provide high quality service to its entire people, reduce poverty and achieving a sustainable development and high economic growth. As of 2012, Handeni Town Council was administratively divided into 12 wards. A paved secondary road connects Handeni with Korogwe in the northeast and Mkata in the southeast; both Korogwe and Mkata are on the T2 Trunk road from Dar es Salaam to Arusha.

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8 Job Vacancies at Handeni Town Council _ Various Posts

The executive director of the council is inviting applications from Tanzanians to fill various vacant posts. Read full details from the PDF Document attached on this page here below:


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