Yanga App download Here Official launched September 2022


Yanga App download, (Yanga SC official app apk) The Young Africans Club in Dar Es Salaam has today launched the club’s official website and App which will make it easier for Members, fans and lovers of Young Africans SC to get information and various content related to the team.

Yanga App


The launch of the website and the App has been accompanied by the launch of the second phase of digital registration of Members and fans, where through the website and the App. that, now they can register themselves as members or official fans.

Speaking at the launch, the President of the Young Africans Club, Eng. Hersi Said said,

“This is a continuation of my big agenda in my leadership which is to strengthen the club economically, through the App and this website it opens the door for fans and lovers of Young Africans SC to be able to register as a fan or an official member. Previously we were registering through paper forms and the information was stored digitally but now, you will be able to register directly through these new systems. By doing so, it will contribute to increasing the club’s income through the registration and membership fees that will be generated from these systems. It is a big and historic step for our club and it will help a lot in simplifying the work in general.

How to download Yanga App 2022

The App is on Plays tore and App Store



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