Job vacancies at Farm Africa, Farm Africa has been supporting farmers to become self sufficient here since 1990. Our teams work with a variety of stakeholders, including smallholder farmers, women and SMEs focusing on oilseeds such as sesame and sunflower, poultry farming, horticulture and business development. We help farmers in dry regions of Tanzania to build their resilience to climate change. We equip sorghum growers with the skills and resources they need to boost their productivity, incomes and access to profitable markets and consequently, improve their food security and nutrition.

Job Vacancies At Farm Africa,

Job vacancies at Farm Africa

Effective agriculture has the power to change lives. It underpins prosperity, food security and stability the world over. Farm Africa focuses on transforming agriculture and managing natural resources sustainably. We champion a holistic approach that boosts yields, protects the environment and connects smallholder farmers to thriving markets. We work with different types of farmers in a range of regions. Their local situations vary, but the problems they face are all too familiar: lack of training and technology, inadequate inputs, no finance, vulnerability to climate change and poor links to markets.


6 Job vacancies at Farm Africa Tanzania 2022

The organization is currently recruiting for staff to join our team in the implementation of current projects. READ FULL DETAILS THROUGH THE PDF DOCUMENT BELOW:

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