Nafasi za kazi jeshi la zimamoto 2022, ajira zimamoto 2022,  Fire Services in Mainland Tanzania started during the colonial rule immediately after the second world war in 1945, where at that time there was only one unit called the Police Fire Brigade managed by the Police Force.

In 1950, this service was divided into two groups, namely the Municipal Fire Department, which was under the supervision of the Municipality, and the Airport Fire Department, which was under the supervision of the Labor Department.

Due to the expansion of cities, airports and ports, other fire brigades were established and one of them is the Port Fire Brigade under the supervision of the Port Authority.

In 1982, the airport fire service was placed under the Ministry of the Interior, while the Municipal and City Fire Brigades were placed under the Office of the Prime Minister and the First Vice President, managed by the Ministry of Regional Governments and Cities.

Nafasi za kazi jeshi la zimamoto 2022

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Due to the responsibilities of the Fire Department being managed by different authorities, its effectiveness was not satisfactory, forcing the government to look at how to improve the service.

In 1985, the Parliament of the United Republic of Tanzania passed law no. 3 which established the Fire and Rescue Service to make the service provided under military discipline under the Ministry of Interior

In continuing to improve Fire and Rescue services, in 2007 the Parliament of the United Republic of Tanzania passed Law No. 14 of the Fire and Rescue Force Act, which placed the Fire and Rescue Force under one command.

This law largely provided an opportunity for the Fire and Rescue Service to reorganize itself structurally and establish a productive division of responsibilities, in order to facilitate the provision of fire and rescue services.

Right now the Fire and Rescue force is led by the Commissioner General who is assisted by the Deputy Commissioner General, followed by three Commissioners who lead the three divisions of the force which are administration and finance, operations and the branch of public safety and property.

Under these divisions there are units led by Assistant Commissioners, in order to create a functional system that brings productivity in the provision of services to the community.

The Public Security Division is responsible for preventing and responding to disasters such as fires, earthquakes, floods, and other disasters when they occur, as well as conducting investigations to determine their source and planning strategies to deal with them.

Through the units under it, this division is also responsible for educating the community on fire and rescue disasters, inspecting buildings, preparing and implementing fire prevention plans, planning and inspecting construction safety in factories, oil and chemical stations as well as generating stations gas.

On the part of the operations division, one of its responsibilities is to manage training, inspect fire and rescue services in the region as well as estimate the effects of various disasters.

The responsibilities of the Administration, human resources and finance division are to conduct research and training, manage recruitment, prepare and maintain employee records as well as the preparation and review of the fire and rescue law and its regulations.

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