Ratiba ya kombe la azam federation cup 2022/23

Ratiba ya kombe la azam federation cup 2022

Ratiba ya Azam Federation cup 2022/23, Ratiba ya kombe la azam federation cup 2022/2023, Azam federation cup ratiba 2022, ratiba ya FA, DROO Azam Sports Federation Cup, Azam federation cup 2022 fixtures today.  The Tanzania FA Cup (also called the Azam Sports Federation Cup) is the top knockout tournament of the Tanzanian football. Previously, the Nyerere Cup was the top knockout tournament. It was created in 1974 and was contested by teams from both Tanzania mainland and the Isles of Zanzibar.

Ratiba ya kombe la azam federation cup 2022
Ratiba ya kombe la azam federation cup 2022

Ratiba ya kombe la azam federation cup 2022/2023

FA cup Tanzania, Here are the results of the #AzamSportsFederationCup draw where Yanga will play against Kururenzi FC, Simba SC will play against Eagle FC and Azam FC will play against Malimao FC

These matches will start playing on December 9-11, 2022

Azam federation cup 2022 fixtures today

Friday 09, 2022

  • African Lyon Vs Mbuni Fc -10:00
  • Green Worriors Vs Stand United- 10:00
  • Azam Fc Vs Malimao Fc – 1:00

Saturday Dec 10, 2022

  • JKT Tanzania Vs Biashara United – 10;00
  • Ruvu Shooting Vs Ndunda Fc – 10;00
  • Simba Sc Vs Eagle Fc – 1:00

Sunday Dec 11, 2022

  • Yanga Sc Vs Kurugenzi Fc – 10:00
  • KMC Fc Vs Tnduru Korosho – 10;00

Monday Dec 12, 2022

  • Cosmopolitan FC vs Mbeya Kwanza -10:00
  • Magereza FC vs Pan African – 10:00

DROO Azam Sports Federation Cup 2022/23

  1. Mtibwa Sugar Vs TRA Kilimanjaro
  2. Tanzania Prisons Vs Misitu Fc
  3. Singida Big stars Vs Lipuli Fc
  4. Coastal Union Vs Tanga Middle
  5. Yanga SC Vs Kuruhenzi Fc
  6. Simba SC Vs Eagle FC
  7. KMC FC Vs Tunduma Korosho Fc
  8. Azam Fc Vs Malimao Fc
  9. Fountain Gate Fc Vs Rhino Rangers
  10. JKT Tanzania Vs Biashara United
  11. Ndunguti Stars Vs Gwambina Fc
  12. African Lyon Vs Mbuni Fc
  13. Kigoma Kwanza Vs Buhaya Fc
  14. Cosmopolitan Fc Vs Mbeya City Fc
  15. MajiMaji Fc Vs Ken Gold Fc
  16. Mashujaa Fc Vs Pamba Fc
  17. Polisi Katavi Vs Mbeya Road
  18. Mbao Fc Mapinduzi Fc
  19. Green Worriors Vs Stand United
  20. Silent Ocean Vs Copco Fc
  21. Magereza Dar es Salaam Vs Pan African
  22. E4M FC Vs New Dundee
  23. Afya Fc Vs African Sports
  24. Nzega United Vs KFC Fc
  25. Geita Gold Vs Transit Camp Fc
  26. Ihefu SC Vs Mtama Boys
  27. Kagera Sugar Vs Buhare FC
  28. Dodoma Jiji Fc Vs TMA Stars
  29. Ruvu Shooting Vs Ndanda Fc
  30. Namungo Fc Vs Kitayosce Fc
  31. Polisi Tanzania Vs Nyika FC
  32. Mbeya City Vs Stand FC

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