Elimu scholarship 2023 application form – Apply for elimu scholarship 2023


Elimu scholarship 2023 application form, Elimu scholarship 2023, elimu scholarship application form 2023 pdf, elimu fund application form 2023, Equity elimu scholarship 2023, Elimu scholarship is an initiative funded by the World Bank and the Government of Kenya through the Ministry of education that seeks to improve secondary education under the Secondary Education quality improvement project (SEQIP).

Elimu scholarship 2023 application form
Elimu scholarship 2023 application form

Elimu scholarship 2023

Elimu scholarship application online, The Elimu Kenya Scholarship Fund (Elimu Fund) is a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization that seeks contributions from individuals, groups, corporations, and foundations with the goal of providing hope, opportunity, and access to education through scholarships to Kenyan students and orphans with financial needs who display academic excellence and a desire to make a meaningful contribution to society. The Elimu Fund was officially launched on July 23, 2005.

Besides providing scholarships to KCPE 2021 students joining secondary school in 2023 from vulnerable, needy families and those with special needs, SEQIP also funds the construction of classrooms and hiring of tsc teachers to meet the student-to-teacher ratio requirement.

Over 9,000 students who meet the requirements listed below will benefit from Kenya Shillings 20 billion funding for SEQIP. The scholarship will cater for School fees, transport, and learning materials for the fours years of secondary education.

Eligibility criteria required for Elimu scholarship 2023

The applicants must meet any of the following eligibility criteria:

  • Candidates with special needs and disabilities (Physical impairments, Hearing impairments and Low vision)
  • Orphans and vulnerable children
  • Candidates from vulnerable communities in the target Sub-Counties
  • Candidates:
  • whose parents/guardians are living with disabilities that have compromised their ability to meet the financial obligations of their children
  • whose families are affected by HIV/AIDS, chronic illnesses which could include Cancer, Kidney failure and similar illnesses which all have the same debilitating effects that could render parents and guardians destitute and unable to fend for their families whose families are affected by extreme poverty rendering them unable to educate their children who have suffered from neglect, abuse and have no support to continue with their education.

Elimu scholarship 2023 application form

Equity elimu scholarship 2023

Equity elimu scholarship 2023, Interested applicants are advised to collect the scholarship application forms (elimu scholarship 2023 form) from the nearest Equity Bank Branch or Equity Bank Agent. Application forms can also be downloaded from the Equity Group Foundation website; https://egfdmis.equitybank.co.ke/register_elimu

The scholarship caters for School fees, transport to and from school, learning materials and School kit for the beneficiaries for the four-year education period. Please note that ONLY the candidates who meet the requirements will be considered for the scholarships. Members of the public are urged to share this information widely.

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