DV lottery results 2023 winners list



DV lottery results 2023 winners list, u.s. green card lottery 2023. If you entered the Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery, check online to see if you were selected. Then, find out what to do to apply for an immigrant visa.

DV lottery results 2023 winners list

To live and work in the U.S. permanently, you will need a Permanent Resident Card (Green Card). Learn how to get one through consular processing if you are outside the U.S.

The green card lottery program, officially known as the Diversity Visa program, is run by the US State Department and makes on a lottery basis up to 55,000 green cards available to nationalities of countries with history low rates of immigration to the United States.

To participate in the lottery, the entrant must be from an eligible country (not from any of the above countries in the above list). The entrant must also have either at least a high school education or two years work experience in an occupation that requires at least two years of training or experience to perform.

Registration for entry into the lottery is done exclusively online by submitting Form DS-5501 on the DV program website. No paper submissions are accepted.

How to check DV lottery results 2023 

Check the results for the 2023 DV Lottery. They are available until September 30, 2023. You will be able to check the results for the 2024 lottery beginning May 6, 2023.

You must remember to check the lottery results yourself online, using your confirmation number. The State Department will not send you a letter or an email to let you know if you have been selected.

What to do if you are selected in the DV Lottery

If you are selected in the DV Lottery and have the qualifications, you can apply for an immigrant visa. If approved, you would be able to come to the U.S., become a permanent resident, and get a Green Card.

  1. To apply for an immigrant visa, sign in to the Immigrant/Diversity Visa portal.
  2. Fill out and submit your immigrant visa application, Form DS-260, online.
  3. After you apply, you may receive an email scheduling you for an interview at a U.S. embassy or consulate. Learn how to prepare for your interview.
  4. Your interviewer will tell you if you are approved for an immigrant

What happens if your visa application is rejected

Find out what to do if your visa is denied and find out if you are eligible for a waiver of grounds of inadmissibility.

When you interview for a visa at a U.S. embassy or consulate, a consular officer decides if they will accept or deny your application. If they deny your application, you have the right to ask:

Learn more from the Department of State about visa denials, including:

  • How to qualify for a visa
  • Reasons you might be ineligible for a visa
  • If you can reapply for a visa
  • How to apply for a waiver on the grounds of inadmissibility


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