RITA uhakiki wa cheti cha kuzaliwa 2023 Online (erita.rita.go.tz), www.rita.go.tz uhakiki wa vyeti. RITA was officially launched on June 23, 2006 and replaces what was called the Department of General Bequests in the Attorney General’s Office, Ministry of Constitution and Law. It is an Agency under the Attorney General’s Office in the Ministry of Constitution and Law.

The history of RITA dates back to 1917 when the German colonial government enacted a birth and death registration law (Proclamation No. 15 of 1917 (People’s area). When the British took over Tanganyika (mainland Tanzania) from the Germans, they recognized the registration procedure of births and deaths prescribed by German law by identifying registers under the Registration of Births and Deaths Act, 1920 (chapter 108). It should be noted that under both colonial states registration of births and deaths was not mandatory for Africans.

The Insolvency and Trustee Registration Agency (RITA) aims to provide good and consistent information on important events in life, the consolidation of trustees, the maintenance of assets under trust, of a deceased person, a bankrupt, and children under the age of adulthood to facilitate the law takes its course.

RITA uhakiki wa cheti cha kuzaliwa 2023 Online

This is a new service that enables the applicant to submit an application to verify the birth and death certificate electronically from anywhere.

The applicant will be required to scan the birth or death certificate he needs to be verified and then send it electronically to be verified. The verification answers will be sent to the account you opened in the section labeled “DETAILS” and you will download the certificate you sent for verification.

Rita Uhakiki Wa Cheti Cha Kuzaliwa 2023

RITA uhakiki wa cheti cha kuzaliwa 2023

Services available digitally Online:

The Insolvency and Trust Registration Agency (RITA) would like to inform the Public that you can now apply for the following services digitally:

  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Old birth certificate to new one
  3. Verification of Birth certificate
  4. Death Certificate
  5. Old death certificate to new one
  6. Verification of Death certificate

Jinsi ya Kuhakiki Cheti cha Kuzaliwa RITA 2023

  • Create account on erita.rita.go.tz
  • Sign in with your registered account
  • Apply for certificates verification
  • Make sure you have active Email Adress



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