Best Online Quiz platform for students (2023)


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While quizzes might not be the most inventive way to learn, they’re still useful for memorizing and recalling facts, assessing knowledge, or getting quick info at the end of a lecture or presentation.

Because of their utility, there are tons of different apps, websites, and games out there for swiftly creating and delivering everything from quizzes and flash cards to polls and exit tickets. Some lean more into play, allowing teachers to host classroom game shows, while others shift more toward learning, facilitating formative assessments.

Best Online Quiz platform for students

Best Online Quiz Platform For Students
Best Online Quiz Platform For Students

Quizizz for students with answers

Quizziz allows integration with popular LMSs, including Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams. This makes it simple for educators and trainers to incorporate quizzes into their pedagogical practices.

Cooperative Work: Quizziz is a quiz-sharing and collaboration platform. You can give out quizzes to others so they can take them on their own time as long as you give them a unique quiz code. Teachers can collaborate by sharing and adapting quizzes between themselves.

There are a few different question types: Quizziz allows you to ask questions in various formats, including multiple-choice, true/false, and free-form text. Visual aids like images, films, and mathematics can be used to present questions more engagingly.

Adaptive functions: Quizziz has some accessibility options, such as text-to-speech, color contrast settings, and keyboard access. These features will make the platform accessible to many users, including those with sensory or movement impairments.

Safekeeping and Privacy: Quizziz is committed to protecting its users’ personal information. It’s privacy-friendly and gives you options for restricting who can take your quizzes. Users’ privacy is protected because they are not obliged to provide personal information to use Quizziz.

Quizizz’s homepage needs to be more active on cost, except for business-related options, despite offering a free trial. The annual cost of the free plan is $0, while the $10/month plan is $96. Create as many tests and lessons as you like, and use the entire library of Quizizz Super questions. Games, answer explanations, answer explanation explanations, and interactive videos are all available ad-free.

How to use Quizizz

Registration is required to use Quizizz in the classroom. In addition to the required primary data, a Google or Microsoft account affiliated with your school can also be used. This tool’s usefulness stems mainly from its seamless integration with other online platforms such as Edmodo, Google Classroom, and Remind.

To make it easy for teachers to choose the suitable quiz, the database of quiz options can be searched and sorted. You can get precisely what you need from a preexisting questionnaire. You may also opt to go back and change the final draught.

One option is to create a new test with both single- and multiple-selection multiple-choice options for each question. Teachers can choose between rich media options and manual entry if the latter is more time efficient. Integrate visuals into questions and answer options and provide personalized feedback to each student. For instance, the response from the students could be used to activate a viral internet joke. There are many possibilities, and instructors can even make their own.

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