18 Optimized PITC Testers at MDH Tabora _ August 2023


Job Title: Optimized PITC Testers at MDH Tabora(18 Posts)

  • Location: Tabora
  • Reports to: Facility In-Charge

Job Summary: Optimized PITC Tester has to make sure all OPD attendees are screened for testing and those eligible are tested and linked to care under Expert Clients.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Conducting HIV testing services, including focused PITC, Expert Client-based ART linkage, in line with national guidelines.
  2. Making sure all OPD Attendee are screened for testing and those eligible are tested and linked to care under Expert Clients.
  3. Keeping accurate HTS records (HTS registers, reports and referral / linkage reports).
  4. Compiling and submit HTS reports on weekly-monthly and / or quarter to the facility

    PITC focal person on time.

  5. Working with team members to monitor quality improvement plans with regard to the

    established performance indicators.

  6. Creating awareness and education on the existence of HTS i.e., educating clients on all

    aspects of HIV diseases and treatment management as well as basic health lifestyle.

  7. Providingongoingcounsellingandtestingwhilemaintainingconfidentialityandpatients’

    rights for 6 months follow up.

  8. Providing psychosocial support and assist with linkage to referral services.
  9. Monitoring the quality of test kits using suitable control materials or samples.
  10. Ensuring and be in line with current HTS protocol guidelines to ensure correct testing


  1. Ensuring safe storage of HTS related items and to request or prepare all necessary consumables for undertaking the HTS activities on time.
  2. Ensuring a newly identified client’s contacts details are well documented (map cue, telephone numbers and treatment supporter information).
  3. Working with team members to ensure successful early retention of newly identified clients
  4. Performing any other duties as assigned by the supervisor.


Requirements: Education, Work experience and Skills

  1. AtleastaDiplomainNursingorClinicalmedicineorCertificateinNursingwith3years relevant experience in Testing.
  2. Working experience in HIV program, preferably in a similar position will be highly considered.
  3. Analytical and problem-solving skills, multi-tasking and organizational skills.
  1. Work experience in HIV/AIDS care and treatment program will be an advantage.
  2. Highest level of integrity.
  3. Ability to work and deliver under pressure and tight deadlines with minimum supervision.
  4. Ability to communicate fluently in English and Kiswahili (both verbal and written).
  5. Must be computer literate – conversant with, Microsoft Office i.e. Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

Interested candidates for any of the above positions should SUBMIT THEIR APPLICATION LETTERS, CVs and COPIES OF THEIR CERTIFICATES MDH TABORA OFFICE.
MDH DO NOT have any agents and DO NOT charge any fees to the interested candidates.


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