Garama za Ujenzi wa Nyumba, Gharama za kujenga nyumba ya vyumba vitatu, Ujenzi wa nyumba za bei rahisi. Here we analyze the costs of building your house! Where do these costs come from? Why do they get there? What building components make up those costs? What is the breakdown of those costs for each construction stage? An easy way to make a construction cost estimate. Remember here we are talking about a family home.

Here you will be able to find the light that will help you play with the economy of construction and be able to save costs and also this topic will give you the confidence to commit to paying the proper costs of your construction!

What is House construction costs

First, the cost of the house is the value that you have to pay so that you can get the house you want! Now the value can be paid in the form of money, your labor power, mental power and money. It means that without paying the right cost, you cannot get the value of the house you want. You can pay these costs to other people who work for you or who sell you products, but you can also pay them yourself as your time and energy. Without paying the right cost you cannot get that house.

In general, the costs of building a house mainly include the costs of



Materials include things like sand, cement, metals, moths, doors, windows, stones, etc. the average cost of materials in the construction of a house is ~70% where it takes the largest amount of the cost. Remember that the materials that must be used for construction have a proper professional level, so if you say you use poor or fake or unwanted materials, then you will get a house that is not right and can cause more harm and loss.

It is important to know the levels of construction materials that are required to build your house from construction professionals, especially your architect and engineer.
the use of materials during the construction period should also be done well to ensure that what is supposed to happen happens

Craftsmanship is very important in making your home successful because it is the engine of your construction. Craftsmanship takes up an average of ~30% of the total cost of your build.
Craftsmanship is what uses materials and makes them into houses. Craftsmanship is the process, skill and talent that will help to find a house with the desired taste and durability.

Bad craftsmanship leads to a bad house and can also bring losses to your construction. Make sure you use qualified professionals so that you can transform your equipment into the desired home of your dreams.


Pay your technician well so that he can work with heart and give him more motivation and unleash his talent at the highest level

Garama za Ujenzi wa Nyumba

Today we will talk specifically about the construction costs for a normal family home. The issue of the apartment will be hinted at only a little.

Apartment In Brief

An apartment has its costs and as we have discussed in the past, we saw the cost of an apartment can be as follows as a quick guide (construction to finishing, 4 rooms, one floor)
Cheap apartments can cost Tsh. 100M – 150. You can see this example and this other one.
A normal apartment costs around Tsh. 180M – 250M
A premium special apartment can cost around Tsh. 350M onwards. An example like this here.
therefore, when you are building your apartment, you should have measured yourself and accepted the cost so that you can build it as required and with the right quality.

Normal House ( Nyumba ya kawaida)

A normal house that we will talk about more goes from an average of Tsh. 25 – 125M for 3 rooms for family living depending on what you decide on the style, size and level of finishing for 3 rooms cost guide
affordable houses can have a size of ~90sqm square meters, the cost of building Tsh. 25 – 40M. These examples. Normal houses with 3 or 4 rooms can go for around Tsh. 50M – 70M. Here are some examples of these apartments. bungalow houses can go around Tsh. 90 – 125M. Examples of this and this other.

Often construction costs are quickly measured by looking at the size of the square meters of the building’s floors; the bigger the building the more expensive it is. So if you want your building not to be too expensive then it is better to look at how to reduce the size of the building.

An example of measuring the size of your house (the floor area of your house) including corridors, rooms, porches (all the area that is inside the foundation of your house)

Screenshot 2023 09 28 At 15.12.39

The house above has a total square meters size of 6SQM + 12SQM +24SQM = 42SQM
Normally in Tanzania, each one square meter (1 SQM) costs Tsh. ~ 500,000/= of the price to build everything until finishing a house made of brick. The level of 500,000 depends on the location, style, size of the house… but for estimation we use Tsh. 500,000/=

So the cost of building the above house is Tsh. 500,000 x 42 = Tsh. 21,000,000/= this is an average if we make the assumption that you have built well due to the best engineering standard without scratching and you have made a tin roof.


We can also find a breakdown of the costs of building a normal house as shown in the table below

Screenshot 2023 09 28 At 15.19.42

Its further explanation

if you look at the above, PAA is the one that takes ~16% as the largest amount of cost than all things related to construction in Dar es Salaam, wood is the most expensive, followed by tin and the cost of paying the technician

The second thing is the BASE is what you eat ~12% the costs of excavating the foundation, the concrete below before setting the brick, the stones that are laid on top, the concrete, pressing, paper to prevent moisture, insecticides, moths, formwork and many others are the most expensive.

Everything basically has its function. Reducing a certain device reduces a certain quality of the house. Not removing damp paper can cause your walls and floors to become damp. Disappearing stones from the foundation can lead to moisture in the floor and walls; and can also cause the floor to be unstable.
If you install Aluminum or PVC or Hardwood windows then the cost of the windows will be high
Walls meaning brick and plaster eat ~8% of the cost

Foundation + walls + concrete + roof consume a total of ~44% of the total construction cost. The foundation, walls, concrete and roof are what make up the main house (boma) and you can actually move in. the remaining ~56% are finishing things.

you will notice that the house itself is only 44% but the aesthetics and taste eat up ~56% of your construction costs It is important to make sure that the house (foundation, walls, concrete, roof) are built to the highest quality because this is the house itself, fixing these holes when they have already been built is very expensive. You can easily adjust the finishing things like painting, changing the lights…

You can move into your house when you have reached the point of roofing and then you are doing the rest while you have moved into your house.

The colors define the stage and what you are doing in your construction, Therefore, the question of the cost that you are building, you are gradually going to the stage.


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