Kocha mpya wa simba 2023/2024,

If several months have passed, Nayanga have bad memories after losing the African Confederation Cup to USM Alger under Coach Abdelhak Benchikha, now the tycoon has landed in their hometown Simba signing a two-year contract. Benchikha resigned to lead USM Alger on October 9, 2023.

Simba has confirmed to take the coach who will be the successor of Robertinho who left the job of leading Simba on November 07, 2023.

Information from our local sources, Benchikha may be paid a salary between 30-45 million per month, he will be given a bonus of 40 million if Simba reach the semi-finals of the African Champions Club Championship.

Kocha mpya wa simba 2023/2024

Cv Ya Kocha Mpya Wa Simba Abdelhak Benchikha


In addition, other bonuses include five hundred thousand Tsh for each domestic match (NBC Premier League and FA Cup) that he will win, and he will be given one to two million for each international match that he will win. Apart from that, Benchikha will be given a rich house in the ‘ushuani’ areas, he will be given a modern car to use with full oil for the entire period he will be Simba’s coach, he will be given a five lakh voucher for his use of the phone.

Kocha Mpya Wa Simba 2023

Simba BOSSES continue to scratch their heads over getting of coach Abdelhak Benchikha, who was the only one who made it through the playoffs, to bring him to replace coach Roberto Oliveira ‘Robertinho’ who was fired after losing 5-1 to Yanga, however they must break the bank to bring him to the country.

Simba will have to break the bank in order to provide a bigger offer to bring him to the team and this is said to have started to chill the bosses because they cannot know who will pay him when the club has no money.

Benchikha’s experience in African football for more than 20 years, winning many different titles including the African Confederation Cup last season when he beat Yanga in the final with USM Alger and then carrying the CAF Super Cup when he beat Al Ahly before resigning, is one of the qualities that made Simba interested in him and want to give him a job but the money the coach needs may be an obstacle for him to land.

Mwanaspoti has received information from within Simba’s management that the coach needs to be paid no less than 220,000 Euros (more than Sh597 million) per year in order to land in the team, which if divided over 12 months is more than Sh49 million per month.

Records show that Simba has never had a coach to pay him that amount of money and that is what makes his bosses start to scratch their heads, despite everyone wanting to bring him to coach the team that ranks third in the Premier League and participates in the groups of the African Champions League.

However, one of the big men of Simba has said that they are currently continuing to discuss with the coach and if everything goes well, Msimbazi can land.

“That is a lot of money for our system, but so far we have not reached an agreement. If we decide to go with him, you will know and if we change, you will also know, but I emphasize that we have not decided to leave or continue with him,” said the old man with the name we have.

With the leadership of Simba not giving complete information about the coach’s fate, Mwanaspoti knows that the team’s leaders may have dropped Benchikha’s name and looked at another coach because there are more than 30 coaches from inside and outside Africa who have sent their resumes asking for a job.

However, they decided to go through the CVs as they had three quick names on their table, Nasreddine Nabi and Sven Vandenbroeck, who had coached before going to Morocco.

The information and communication manager of Simba, Ahmed Ally continued to ask Simba fans to be patient during this period as the management is evaluating the coaches who sent their resumes and after finding one of them they will announce him soon.

“We ask you to be patient. At the moment the league and other competitions are going on, we don’t want a coach to come and start messing around, we want a teacher who will come and match directly with the speed of the championship we are participating in. Our leaders are serious about that and they are working on it, not many days from today (yesterday), we will announce our new coach,” said Ahmed.

Simba is currently under the Spanish goalkeeper coach Dani Cadena who has all the qualifications to be a head coach, while he is assisted by the legend of the team who once played and coached there successfully, Seleman Matola continues to train at his training ground of Mo Simba Arena, Bunju .

The next game of the African Champions League against Asec Mimosas of Ivory Coast will be played on November 25 at the Benjamin Mkapa Stadium and yesterday Ahmed announced the start of ticket sales as well as the entrance prices for the big match.

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