Kozi za kipamumbele zilizoongezwa Mkopo kwa Diploma 2023/2024.  All loan applications will be made through the System Loan Application and Management (OLAMS). All applicants
of loans are REMINDED to use the same number of Fourth Form Examination used at the time of admission.

After the completion of the application process on online, applicants will have to download copies of the form of loan applications and contracts on the Internet, stamp the relevant section, sign the form,
attach the required documents and submit the pages signed (numbers 2 and 5) of the application form in

The applicant is required to download the correct form for consideration a form for an applicant under 18 years of age or who is above 18 years.

Kozi za kipamumbele zilizoongezwa Mkopo kwa Diploma 2023

The following are the priority Diploma Programs added in the SECOND EDITION of the ‘Educational Loan Guide for Diploma Students for the year 2023-2024’ available through https://heslb.go.tz/assets/pdf/Mkopo_wa_Stashahada_-_Toleo_la_pili.pdf

  • Mining and Earth Science

i. Ordinary Diploma in Geology and Mineral Exploration

ii. Ordinary Diploma in Petroleum Geosciences and Exploration

iii. Ordinary Diploma in Land and Mine Surveyin

  • Lapidary and Jewelry’;
  • ‘Mineral Processing’,
  • “Geology and Mineral Exploration’,
  • ‘Petroleum Geosciences and Exploration’, and
  • ‘Land and Mine Surveying’.

Transport and Logistics

i. Ordinary Diploma in Marine Transport and Nautical Science

ii. Ordinary Diploma in Shipping and Logistics Management

iii. Ordinary Diploma in Transport and Supply Chain Management

Agriculture and Livestock

  •   Leather Technology’;
  • Food Technology and Human Nutrition’;
  • ‘Sugar Production Technology’;
  • ‘Veterinary Laboratory Technology’;
  • ‘Horticulture’;
  • ‘Irrigation Engineering’;
  • ‘Agro Mechanization’,
  • ‘Range Land Management and Tsetse fly control from Livestock”, and
  • ‘Sugarcane Production Technology’.


i. Ordinary Diploma in Oil and Gas Engineering Technology

ii. Ordinary Diploma in Environmental Engineering and Management

iii. Ordinary Diploma in Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering

iv. Ordinary Diploma in Metallurgy and Mineral Processing Engineering

v. Ordinary Diploma in Mining Engineering


(i) Reading and following the application procedures in the Guide of the academic year 2023/2024;
(ii) To ensure that the fourth form test number which the applicant will use should be the same as the one he applied for admission of college;
(iii) Ensure that the loan application form and contract have been signed by the local government leaders, the trustee and commissioner of oaths.;
(iv) Applicants should fill in their forms completely and sign them beforehand to submit the HESLB through the Internet;
(v) Ensuring that birth/death certificates are verified and the Registration, Insolvency and Guarantee Agency (RITA) or the Agency Registration of Social Events Zanzibar (ZCSRA) or Officer appointed to verify the validity of the documents;
(vi) For the applicant with a bank account to fill in his information correctly on the loan application form;
(vii) For the applicant with a phone number and ID of the nation (NIDA) should make sure he fills in those numbers during the apply for a loan.
(viii) All applicants are reminded to observe the deadline of end of online application.


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