TSCMIS registration form 2024, tscmis register online, tscmis registration requirements, tscmis registration online, tscmis registration form online.  Following the Employment and Management Policy in the Public Service of 1999, the Public Service was merged. The Public Service Act No. 8 of 2002 was introduced and repealed the former Teachers’ Service Commission Act No. 1 of 1989. The Commission was made a Department of the Public Service Commission (PSC) under Article 15(1) of the Act, (b). The department handled all the duties that were being performed by the TSC for teachers employed in Government Schools.

However, with the Amendment of Law No. 18 of 2007, the Public Service Commission was made a receiver, and the Department of Teacher Service continued to be active. The system brought challenges in the implementation of TSD’s responsibilities under the Reform Tool. In addition, the biggest challenge faced by TSD was the severe lack of financial and human resources. Also, there was a challenge of teachers’ appeals against the Department’s decision to be handled by the Public Service Commission. The government saw that the service of teachers should be given special importance due to their number, the uniqueness of the responsibilities and other challenges that have emerged.


The report of the President’s Commission on Education under Mr. Jackson Makweta (1980-82) revealed that the issue of teacher service management was a challenge. As the teachers were increasing, the problems of lack of proper services were also increasing. The commission saw the challenge of UTS being a small unit in the former Ministry of Education and Culture and the Offices of Regional and District Development Directors. They saw that the structure could not cope with the large increase in teachers and the challenges that had been identified.

Law no. 1 of 1989 established the Teachers’ Service Commission which was an independent Department under the Ministry of Education and Culture. All the functions performed by UTS were transferred to TSC.

TSCMIS registration form

Tscmis Registration Form

TSCMIS registration form

How To Sign Up and Login TSCMIS

1. Switch on your internet connections on your device that may be Phone, computer, tablets or any other devices that supports internet browsing.

2. Open your browser on your device such as Operamini, Chrome, Edge, Mozilla, Safari etc.

3. Write the following address on your search bar of your browser: www.tscmis.tsc.go.tz

(A) Search bar of your browser will appear as shown below:


4. The Area for registration (TSCMIS Sign Up) and Log in Area:

5. Enter Your Username – Which is your Check Number Eg. 234567657 and Password – whereby the Starting Password is “Secret1234” then click Log in

6. New window will open that requires you to write your new Password so that you can Log in to the TSCMIS System as Shown Below

TSCMIS Password Requirement

1. At least one lowercase

2. At least one uppercase

3. At least one numeric

4. At least one Special Character

5. Minimum 6 characters

8. If You have Successfully Logged Into the TSCMIS System it will Appear as shown below:

Log In to TSCMIS Click Here

Registered User to TSCMIS Click Here

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