Job Vacancies at Tanzania Railways Corporation (TRC), nafasi za ajira shirika la reli Tanzania TRC. Tanzania Railways Corporation (TRC) is a Public Institution established under the Railway Act No. 10 of 2017. The main objective of TRC is to provide Rail Transport services and to develop, promote and manage rail infrastructure. The history of Tanzania Railways can be traced back to 1948 when the East African Railways and Ports Corporation (EAR&H) was established. The East African Railways and Ports Corporation was created in 1948 in parallel with the East African Community and was a public organization that managed the railways and ports of Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika and later Tanzania in the years before and after the independence of these countries.

After the dissolution of the East African Community, the new Tanzania Railways Corporation was created as a Public Corporation. The Tanzania Railway Corporation continued to carry the entire responsibility of transport in Tanzania, thus continuing to provide transport services by rail (Rail Transport Services), marine transport service, Road transport service and Hotel and Restaurant services. Catering services). Transportation activities in Tanzania continued using existing materials, because most of the equipment was blocked in Nairobi – Kenya, where it was the headquarters of the Community and also the headquarters of the East African Railways.

250 Job Vacancies at Tanzania Railways Corporation (TRC)

On behalf of the Tanzania Railways Corporation (TRC) and National Institute of Transport (NIT), Public Service Recruitment Secretariat invites dynamics and suitable qualified Tanzanians to fill two hundred and thirty-one (231) vacant posts mentioned below.

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Avatar Of Daudi Mwiru
Daudi mwiru June 25, 2024 - 8:09 am

I have I experience and knowledge with this job and I do in proper way and a follow all regulations


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