Biology Form one Book

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Biology Form one Book

Author: Tanzania Institute of Education

Publisher of book: Tanzania Institute of Education

Year of publication: 2021

Country of publication: Dar es salaam, Tanzania

This textbook, Biology for Secondary Schools, is written specifically for Form One students in the United Republic of Tanzania. The book is prepared according to the 2005 Biology Syllabus for Secondary Schools, Form I-IV issued by the then Ministry of Education and Vocational Training. The book is divided into eleven chapters, which are:

  • Introduction to Biology,
  • Biology laboratory, Scientific processes in Biology,
  • First Aid and safety in our environment,
  • Waste disposal, and Personal hygiene and good manners.
  • Other chapters are: Health, immunity and diseases,
  • STIs, STDs, HIV and AIDS,
  • Cell structure and organization,
  • Classification of living things, and Viruses, kingdom Monera, and kingdom Protoctista.

In addition to the contents, each chapter comprises of illustrations, activities, exercises, and revision exercises. You are encouraged to do all activities and attempt all the questions. This will enhance your understanding and development of the intended competencies for this level.


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