As you know now getting a reliable original charger is very difficult. Most chargers in these stores are labeled fast charger but if you go to use it they are empty problems.

Let us explain an easy way to find out if a charger is fake or original.

First the fake charger is the one that does not meet its written standard, so it grows to be a fraud for users.

First let’s find out what the fast charger is. Fast charger for the current standards of the mobile world is from 15W upwards.

Charger types:

1. 5W down

These chargers are slow chargers. Chargers grow with Current 1A and 5V Voltage to form 5W (5V x 1A)

These chargers are very common on cheap phones, iPhone chargers starting with the iPhone XS drop down and only the iPhone 11 (neither Pro nor Pro Max) and many fake chargers are growing with this rating.

If your phone does not come with a charger of this type then avoid buying chargers of this type.

2. 10W to 12W

These are old fast chargers. In the past 10W and 12W chargers were considered as fast chargers.
10W grows with a current of 2A and a voltage of 5V
12W grows with a current of 2.4A and a voltage of 5V
10W is the most common on most standard phones and phones from years back here. These charge your phone at a reasonable speed if your phone’s battery is not very large. Even Oraimo’s 10k to 15k chargers are growing at 10W

3. 15W to 20W

This is where the fast chargers themselves start. In this group there are: 15W grows with 3A current and 5V voltage or 2.5A current and 6V voltage. These chargers come very well with Samsung phones with USB C. 18W grows with a current of 3A and a voltage of 5V (15W mode) or 9V-2A (18W mode) 20W grows with 2A current and 10V Voltage or 4A current with 5V voltage These are also common on slightly higher priced phones

4. 25W continuous

These are the fastest chargers of the new mid-range and high-end mobile phones. They go up to 120W for Xiaomi and Oppo.

The important point to know is that even if you take a charager of the highest speed your phone will charge at the only possible speed. For example, if you use a 20W charger and your phone has a capacity of 10W you will lose money just because your phone will not exceed that.

To find out the capacity of your charger see below there is text labeled Output then it has the voltage level and the following current.

Take a large number of voltage (V) multiplies by current (A) to get the Power Wattage (W) of your charger
My example here in the picture is 9V voltage and 2A current so it is: 9V x 2A = 18W


How to determine the capacity of the charger you are buying:

For Android users download an app called Ampere via this link: Ampere – Apps on Google Play

After that, check the charger you want to take from the output and hold the current amount (A) written there and follow the instructions below.
How to use this app are:
1. Open the app without start using the charger.

An example for me is: -320mA

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