First I will talk about a few behaviors of scammers | Fake investment schemes & Ponzi schemes in general and lastly I will talk about how to protect yourself from them.

There are companies that will promise you to make a lot of money in a short time, words like financial freedom here are now used. Some SCAMMERS will tell you to pay them in Cryptocurrency to get Access to bring others, those Ponzi schemes, MLM and network marketing. Others you find yourself just logging in because their investment website they tell you you can’t give your money until you pay the fees now here you are beaten 3 times that is, first you subscribe to them, second call your colleagues come Join the platform, third the fee you pay will not return

ScamSCAMMERS GUARANTEE you will make money, you will only make a profit no matter what. If you see this, run is a scam, in a market driven by demand and supply. Profit isn’t guaranteed

SCAMMERS do not want to give explanations of how their investment works, and where they send your money, they just promise you you will get free money

AIRDROP. This many of you will have encountered it especially Telegram, Airdrops have started to trend very much in 2018

Air Drop

Every day there are new projects / coin / token and they want to be popular to reach the community, 90% of these AIRDROPS are in ICOs, the founders use AIRDROPS to promote their project and get more users at the beginning, we know any Project for Investors to keep an eye, need popularity.


The easiest way to achieve this is SOCIAL MEDIA.
SCAMMERS can benefit from fake AIRDROPS because first they can steal your important and confidential information, some use bots and some go too far and call you until your Private keys




Scammers are clever they know the game well, you may receive a tip from a friend, mentor or connection from a source you trust completely but still get hit and end up visiting “a website that is fake. Scammers create fake websites that resemble the original

How will you know?

If you do not have a lock  (small lock icon) showing security near your URL bar & no “https” THINK TWICE even if you find a site that matches the one you think you are looking for you may be robbed  and you are sent to another platform to make a payment, These relatives are very intelligent. For example, you can search for a website name but they have already created a website that matches the actual website.


Scammers can also create fake android or iOS apps and install them on Playstore and Appstore. While stakeholders may know this early on and remove it but it does not remove the fact that this issue has happened and can happen again, thousands of people have grown up downloading fake CRYPTO applications. This is very common especially for android users.

3. Tweets and Social media fake updates.

If you are following various Cryptocurrency Groups and Celebs you cannot be too sure and Follow,  the only way to avoid this is to not accept any offer related to Cryptocurrency from social media.

4. Fake Emails

Even if you send an e-mail it is like a legit email from a company, wallet or exchange make sure you research it and make your investment
Scammers also advertise fake offers like ICOs invite someone to get several crypto, crypto mining offers, to persuade you to make an investment


  • Do some research before investing
  • Read the Whitepaper. any company that does not have a white paper is to run immediately. make sure you have read and reviewed the whitepaper carefully.

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