Advice for Form 6 graduates on what to study for University to Fight the Labor Market



Advice for Form 6 graduates on what to study for University to Fight the Labor Market

First of all I thank God for giving me health and a good time like this, so that I can give a real anointing about the fate of the Form 6 graduates on what to study after NECTA  announces their results.


Second and last in the introduction, congratulations to all the young people who passed the exam and succeeded in fulfilling your dreams.

The following factors should be considered when selecting university courses,


All young people who want to apply for university are required to ensure that they LIVE THEIR DREAMS, due to the existence of employment crisis where there have been many graduates who have failed to self-employ and employ due to the way they received education.


A student or anyone wishing to make a career in a university degree should first weigh themselves and look at what he or she likes in his or her life. And not to be outdone by anything. For example, you may find the priority of the JMT government is health and science teaching and you decided to study in those cadres, but at the end of the day you finished and waited to be employed and if you are not employed your education will be lost and you will have lost your dreams.

But, if someone decides to read something you love in the heart, for example, if you want to be a tailor since you were a child, you must make sure that you choose subjects that you go to class with will have peace of mind and you will love it, where at the end of the day you will understand. Once you have completed your studies.

So, I strongly advise young people to ask for things that you love from the heart and not things that you feel or have been advised to have jobs if you graduate, nowadays nothing you will study will give you a direct job, even a doctorate can finish and not be employed but if you study Medicine willingly even if you are not employed self-employment.


So I would like to urge all young people and Tanzanians that IN ORDER TO FIGHT EMPLOYMENT FOR UNIVERSITY GRADUATES, please make sure that we tell our young people to study the things they love and not something that he feels he will be able to get if he completes his studies.


it is the dream of every student as he reads who he is determined to be and for what reason. With that in mind I would like to tell young people who have completed Form Six university education is not “fashion” that as long as I have studied university education, give yourself a chance to reflect on the next 3/4/5 years who you want to be, nothing is impossible, decide, be determined and take Decisions are an important part of your whole life so it is best to be extra careful in all the time you are looking at yourself after 3/4 years of graduating college where you will be and what you are doing!

Do not allow yourself to be left behind, do not allow yourself to be pushed back by the friends you have, get up and stand up and choose something that will make you after 3/4 years of university you are really a big difference.
It is true that there are no real jobs coming from the government because they are few and very competitive, if your main goal is to get a government job then you will not have to decide who you are after years of college.

Let’s have a habit of looking at ourselves and setting big but achievable goals in our College life and every day, with this in mind let’s be ready to keep in touch with the right people at the right time, try to reflect when you come home after college and you’re just watching. Parents, let us remember that the issue of wholehearted commitment should be our top priority.

Remember; times change But the perception of who you are after the college years you have and you are a great leader.

Don’t go to university because I have been chosen to go, I am going to explain a little bit, here’s a thing, university education is not fashion that after 3 years if you see what you studied it is not worth it you will go back and study something else, your success is you make the right decisions today. yours. Stop following the trend.

Today I give you the job of making a young man who has been selected to go to university, set aside an hour in a quiet place to have your notebook and pen, turn off your phone, pray in your faith then start writing what you want after 3/4 years of university then think what I am asking for will it get me there?

Then tomorrow we will explain to each other here in the comments how we feel after 3/4 years of college.

Lastly, there have been many graduates asking for advice on what to study for university and where he will be employed when he finishes, for hire only.

I submit.


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