Learn programming for beginners. 10 Easy ways to learn programming for beginners.

Learn programming, What is programming?
Programming is the process of creating a set of instructions that tell a computer how to perform a task. Imagine using a few lines of code you can dictate to a computer what to do and obey.

10 Easy ways to learn programming for beginners.

1.Programming is not complicated.

Programming is not complicated. In the theory I am against with it is people saying programming is difficult. This statement has no truth in it, if you like programming you will find it very easy. First love it before you start.

2. Find the language you like and then emphasize it.

Before you start your journey do some research on the language you want to learn before you start programming.
– Web development – HTML & CSS, Python, Js, Laravel ..
– Mobile Apps – Flutter, React Native, Kotlin, swift. etc .

3. Use techniques that will make you learn and practice every day.

Practice is the only way to understand programming quickly. Make sure it doesn’t last the day you exercise. Start with a small project before jumping to big projects

4. Don’t hurt yourself too much with reading / programming.

Give yourself time to relax by doing what you love.
– Practice
– Play games
– Watch movies etc.

5. It’s okay to get stuck while studying.

Do not give up because you are stuck in a study session, do your best to cross the line. Programming needs you to love it and you will understand it quickly.

6. Ask for help from the community around you.

Don’t feel shy to ask, don’t lock yourself in, don’t hide, get out and ask people who will help you.

7. Find a mentor who will show you the right way to go.

Make sure you find someone who will be assisting you the right way to go when you are learning programming, this will save you from wasting your time.

8. Plan your schedule well during study.

You need to plan your schedule carefully to avoid spending too much time on one thing. Keep your schedule well may be 2/3 hours you are learning something.

9. Start your projects.

Make sure every step you take is done with a project about that step, by doing so it makes you have a memory of what you read.

10.Google is your friend,

Learn to use Google, much needed in your programming learning journey. Make it your first aid before asking for help from someone else.

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