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Freelancing is a type of business in which anyone can sell their service to companies, individuals or businesses around the world. You can sell or be hired for short or long term depending on your contract with your client. Freelancers get these jobs from Freelancing Platforms that bring together Freelancers (seller) and clients (buyers). Also as a freelancer you do not have to pay to join these platforms. Is like  do you have a boss or middle man who hires you. The freelancer is the one who sets the price for his skill or the service he offers.


Easy Social Media Posts and Graphics Designs – In the growth of social media marketing and online presence, many companies especially countries like USA, UK and Canada spend a lot of money to ensure their social media accounts attract customers and appealin, so they spend a lot of money to hire freelancers to design their posts meaning most of them can’t do it and sometimes they don’t have time to sit down and start designing posts especially they have a budget for their social media accounts.


I said selling EASY social media posts and Graphic designs, because my title states that you don’t need experience. So, how can you make money without this skill? As a freelancer you will use a FREE online website called CANVA to edit these posts and graphics.  Yeah, I know some see the word FREE, You feel nothing there. This website is online clouded so you do not need to download it like Adobe, or any other editors.
CANVA is a Free professional online editing platform, within canva there are ready-made templates that you can easily edit because every design is ready you just have to change the texts, colors, background or anything you wish to do, There are also all kinds of templates you will need to edit either to import your photo or video. There are more than 60 million templates and professional free stock images and elements that you use for free without paying a $. (there is a paid plan, but it is not necessary in any way)


Using CANVA is the first step, How to sell these template designs? There are so many freelancing platforms to sell this service but for specific purpose and easy to start, I will explain a Platform called FIVERR – If you do not know Fiverr, then it is one of the best and safe freelancing platform that does not require any money to join or keep your job.
Due to FIVERR’s popularity, so many large companies in the world and individuals hire freelancers to do their work, so as a Freelancers you have to use this opportunity to post your work which when you get a client you will use canva to edit these designs. At least 50% of freelancers around the world use CANVA to edit these template designs meaning Adobe Photoshop or other popular editors are hard to start and also mostly paid, This service is LEGAL, there is no fraud.


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