ARU second selection 2021/2022 | Ardhi University second Round selection selection 2021

Ardhi University Campus is located in Dar es Salaam along University Road adjacent to the University of Dar es Salaam approx. 12.00 Kilometres from the Dar es Salaam City Centre.  The University is within the proximity several other academic Institutions, viz; Rwegarulila Water Resources Institute, The National Institute of Transport, The Institute of Social Welfare and the National Tax Institute

Ardhi University Second round selection 2021

If you are applying for second round application 2021 at Ardhi University, you have to wait also for second round selection at Ardhi University (ARU).

What is Ardhi University (ARU) Second Selection?

Ardhi University (ARU) second selection 2021 is the list of candidates selected and admitted for second round admission window at the Ardhi University (ARU) for various programs for 2021/2022 academic year.

Second Selection at Ardhi University (ARU) are usually  posted and made available on the Ardhi University (ARU)website named Ardhi University (ARU) second round selected applicants 2021/2022 or Ardhi University (ARU) second round selected applicants 2021/22 pdf.

How to check Ardhi University (ARU) second round selected applicants 2021/2022

If you are applied for second application at Ardhi University (ARU), Please care full read the details on how to check you selection.

The second application window is a unique opportunity for applicants who missed the first-round admission window and those who were not selected due to various reasons to resubmit their application.

The management of the Ardhi University (ARU) usually  announces the names of successful Ardhi University (ARU) second round selected applicants offered admission into various undergraduate programs for the 2021/2022 academic year.

Check Ardhi University (ARU) second round selected students via Direct link below

The list of Ardhi University (ARU) second round selected applicants are normally uploaded online as a pdf, The link to download the pdf document with the full list of successful applicants is made available to the public via Ardhi University (ARU) website. so  You can check the list of Ardhi University (ARU) Second round Selected candidates 2021 Via direct links below

How to check the Ardhi University (ARU) Second Round selected applicants via ARU Online Portal

You my find some times the list of  names selected to join Ardhi University (ARU) are not available in Pdf document. Therefore you can check Ardhi University (ARU) second round selection online by logging into the Ardhi University (ARU) Online application portal by using the following steps below;-

Important Notice

Read this care fully

  • If you have Multiple admission , make sure you confirm your admission as soon as possible after checking your selection status. To confirm your selection, you need  TCU admission Verification CODE.
  • If you have also applied for admission into other universities and you haven’t seen your name on the KCMC second Selection 2021, consider to check the list of students / applicants who have been successful selected to join various colleges and universities for the 2021/2022 academic year

Selection 2021/2022, What to do if you have not been selected during the Second-round application?

Selection za vyuo 2021/22, TCU Selection and NACTE Selection 2021, The College application process in Tanzania is very challenging especially when applying for the first-time, sometimes you might find yourself applying for the College that your admission points don’t fit with and for that reason your applications to that particular College may not be accepted.
Therefore, all applicants are advised to carefully read the TCU admission guidebook for the 2021/2022 academic year for those applying Degree programmes and NACTE admission guide book 2021 for those applying for certificate and Diploma before applying to any college.


Once the selection za Vyuo 2021 results have been revealed and you have not been selected for admission please don’t give up, there will be a other round for application window for you to resend your application. Check Here  the things you should do that will help you to successfully secure your admission for the another upcoming round. Click here

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