Job opportunities at Bukombe District October 2021


Job opportunities at Bukombe District October 2021. Bukombe District Council is one of the six (06) Councils that make up Geita Region. It was established in July 1995 by Government Proclamation No. 205 of 1998 where the District Council was formally formed in 2000 after the General Elections of the President, Members of Parliament and Councilors. The district is currently divided into two districts (Bukombe and Mbogwe Districts.

Mbogwe is currently independent as a full Council. Bukombe District has 3 divisions which are Ushirombo, Siloka, and Bukombe, has 17 wards which are Iyogelo. , Busonzo, Bukombe, Butinzya, Bulega, Runzewe East, Runzewe West, Namonge, Katente, Igulwa, Bulangwa, Ushirombo, Uyovu, Bugelenga, Lyambamgongo, Katome, and Ng’anzo, has 52 villages, and one hundred suburbs three hundred and seventy-two (372).

The district also has one constituency whose MP is from the Revolutionary Party (CCM) Hon. Dotto Biteko who is the Deputy Minister of Mines. It has a total population of 266,667 of the current estimate 5.9 percent of the 2012 census, with 135,018 women and 131,659 men, Bukombe district is 60 percent forested while 40% of the entire district is suitable for Agriculture and Livestock and residential areas. while only 40 percent i the island is a human settlement.

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The economic activities in this district are Agriculture and Livestock which account for 84 percent of the income of all residents of the district and 16 percent includes mining, trade, beekeeping and labor.

Job opportunities at Bukombe District October 2021

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