Wachezaji wanaolipwa mshahara mkubwa Tanzania 2022/2023

Wachezaji wanaolipwa mshahara mkubwa Tanzania 2022

Wachezaji wanaolipwa mshahara mkubwa Tanzania 2022/2023, Mchezaji anaelipwa pesa nyingi Tanzania 2022/2023, Mishahara ya wachezaji wa yanga 2022/23, Mchezaji anaelipwa Pesa nyingi Tanzania 2022. The Tanzania Football Federation (TFF), previously Football Association of Tanzania (FAT), is the governing body of football in Tanzania and oversees the Tanzania national football teams. It was founded in 1930 and is affiliated to FIFA since 1964.

The Federation was founded in 1930 as Tanganyika Football Association (TFA). It was later renamed as Football Association of Tanzania (FAT) in 1971 after major amendments in its Constitution.

FAT existed until 2004 when the new name TFF came into force after the body’s General Assembly held on 27th December of the same year.

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The Current TFF Constitution came into force 15th January 2006 following the General Assembly held in Dar es Salaam on 14th and 15th January 2006.

Currently, Wallace Karia is the President of Tanzania Football Federation (TFF), succeeding to Jamal Malinzi in August 2017.

Wachezaji wanaolipwa mshahara mkubwa Tanzania 2022/2023

After very profitable sponsorship deals of some clubs in Tanzania football, The clubs spending a lot of money on player salaries than ever before. Here we take a look at the top earners’ salaries for the new season, as per data from club reports and some popular publications.

Knowing the amount given to the players of the teams participating in the NBC Tanzania premier league has been difficult due to the confidentiality of the contracts of those players with various football clubs in Tanzania.

Most of Clubs in Tanzania have not disclosed the salaries they pay their players, but we have assumed that the player with the largest market on record will receive the most money.

Player Club Nationality Salary
Aziz Stephan K Young Africans Sc Burkina Faso 21Mil
Clatous Chama Simba SC Zambia 19Mil
Bernado Morisson Young Africans Sc Ghana 19Ml
John Bocco Simba SC Tanzania 10Mil
Moses Phiri Simba SC Zambia 17Mil
Aishi Manula Simba SC Tanzania 10Mil
Khalid Aucho Young Africans Sc Uganda 10Mil
Fiston Mayele Young Africans Sc Congo 16Mil
Augustin Okhra Simba SC Ghana 19Mil
Prince Dube Azam Fc Zimbabwe 9Mil
Mkude Jonas Simba SC Tanzania 10Mil
Djigiu Diarra Young Africans Sc Mali 10Mil

Mishahara ya wachezaji wa Simba 2022/23

  1. Clatous Chama
  2.  John Bocco
  3. Moses Phiri
  4. Aishi Manura
  5. Augustin Okhra
  6. Mkude Jonas
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