Majina ya waliochaguliwa jeshi la zimamoto 2024, Majina ya walioitwa USAILI jeshi la Zimamoto 2024, The fire brigade announced more than 300 fire jobs for young people in January 2024. Many people have been wondering if the fire brigade has given the names of those called to the fire brigade. This article will give you information about everything that is happening about fire jobs in 2024.

Fire Services in Mainland Tanzania started during the colonial rule immediately after the second world war in 1945, where at that time there was only one unit called the Police Fire Brigade managed by the Police Force.

In 1950, this service was divided into two groups, namely the Municipal Fire Department, which was under the supervision of the Municipality, and the Airport Fire Department, which was under the supervision of the Labor Department.

Due to the expansion of cities, airports and ports, other fire brigades were established and one of them is the Port Fire Brigade under the supervision of the Port Authority.

Majina ya waliochaguliwa jeshi la zimamoto 2024


Fire is a common thing that anyone can interpret in their own way. Technically, it is a continuous chemical conflict that is caused by the presence of three things that are heat, fuel (hot food) {that is, things that burn like such as charcoal, wood, oil} as well as oxygen air.

The union of the three elements produces heat, light and smoke which together that is what is called fire. Scientifically, the absence of those things, cannot happen fire because, those are the key ingredients in producing fire. The presence of Those three things, namely heat, air (oxygen) and fuel (fuel) create something called the Three Horns of Fire.

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