Fomu ya maombi ya sensa 2022| Census 2022


Fomu ya maombi ya sensa| Census 2022,, ajira, ajira form. The Government of the United Republic of Tanzania plans to conduct a Population and Housing Census by August 2022. The Ministry of Finance and Planning through the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) in collaboration with the Office of the Chief Statistician of Zanzibar (OCGS), is in the process of preparing to conduct the Census.

Fomu ya maombi ya sensa | ajira form

Fomu ya maombi ya sensa 2022

The Population and Housing Census is a national exercise conducted every 10 years where the last census to be held in the country is the one in 2012. Thus the Census 2022 will be the Sixth Census to be held in the country after the Union of Tanganyika and Zanzibar in 1964. Census others took place in 1967, 1978, 1988, 2002 and 2012.

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Speaking at the launch of the Population and Housing Census Emblem held on Thursday, April 08 2022, Census Chairperson Retired Speaker of Parliament Anna Makinda said that after the inauguration exercise, the next step is to get the Census Clerk.(Makarani wa Sensa).

“Mr. President, Preparation for the census has been going on for a long time, and preparations are still underway and we are fine so far, The next step after this launch is to get the census clerks, followed by the training of those clerks, and the next thing is the employment of the clerks themselves” Said Makinda

Anna Makinda has said that the employment of clerks (Ajira za Sensa)  this trip is done where they live those clerks,
“We have information that there are people who posted on the internet to hire clerks but not us, we will be hired where they live,” said Makinda.

Fomu ya maombi ya sensa ( ajira)

On the other hand, the Prime Minister of Tanzania has stated that the employment of clerks will be transparent and rights and application forms will be provided free of charge in each region, district, ward and village.

Meaning of Population and Housing Census

Population and housing census is a process of collecting, analyzing, evaluating and publishing and disseminating demographic, economic and social data related to all persons and their settlements in a country for a specified period. In other words, the census is a special exercise aimed at finding the total population in a country, by age and gender, place of residence and status of education, employment status, birth status and mortality and housing status.

These basic data are the ones that can match the real needs of citizens including special groups with special needs for example, people with disabilities, women, children, youth and the elderly thus facilitating the development of policies and development plans according to the need and environment.

Census Questionnaires

The 2022 census as in previous censuses will use two main types of questionnaires. A long questionnaire that will be used to interview 30% of all census sites and a short questionnaire that will be used to interview 70% of all census sites.

Other questionnaires are: –

Institutional Questionnaire which is specifically for travelers, those who sleep in hotels / guesthouses, and those who are hospitalized; and

Homeless Homepage Questionnaire which is specific to all people living in informal settlements, in various building councils, bridges and other areas.

Questions to be Asked in the 2022 Census

The 2022 Population and Housing Census has fourteen modules that will be used to collect information on people and their settlements nationwide.

The questions that will be asked will be: –

  • Demographic information (age, gender, relationship, marital status, citizenship, n.k.);
  • Questions about disability;
  • Education Information;
  • Mobility questions, as well as information on Tanzanians living abroad
  • Questions about ownership of national documents (NIDA IDs, Zanzibari resident, birth certificate, passport, and driver’s license)
  • Economic activities
  • Land tenure and ICT information
  • Maternity and Mortality Reports that occurred within the household
  • Maternal mortality
  • State of housing and ownership of various resources
  • Agricultural and livestock issues
  • Social security funds.

Fomu ya maombi ya sensa

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