How to Buy Japanese Used cars be forward 2021


How to Buy Japanese Used cars be forward

This article will show you how to buy Japanese Used Cars Be forward /Be forward Japanese cars.

Step one: Order

  • Search for Vehicle you would like to buy in Befoward Japanese Cars
  • After you select fill in the two easy step box and click the enquiry Button

  • Once you approve the price and Condition, You will receive a proforma invoice and purchase  agreement

Step 2. Make a payment

  • Once the proforma invoice and purchase  agreement by you make your payment from your Bank
  • Once your payment has been made, send a copy of the proof of payment to Be Forward

  • Be Forward will then confirm the proof of payment

Step 3 Shipment.

  • once payment has been approved you will then receive a shipping schedule for deliver of your new vehicle

  • Once the date has been confirmed Be Forward will ship your Vehicle as well as send your B/L Documents Via DHL

Step 4: Delivery

  • Receive your Vehicle at agreed destination

Sample Documents


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