Majina ya waliopata mkopo Awamu ya Nne 2021 Batch 4 HESLB ANNOUNCES FOUR LIST WITH 5,003 BENEFITS

Majina ya waliopata mkopo Awamu ya Nne 2021. They have been allocated loans worth TZS 11.6 billion, Beneficiaries in the first year now number 65,359

The Higher Education Student Loans Board (HESLB) today (Friday, October 29, 2021) announced the Fourth List with 5,003 new first-year students assigned loans worth TZS 11.6 billion.

HESLB CEO Abdul-Razaq Badru told reporters in Dar es Salaam that after the announcement of the list, the total number of first-year beneficiaries has now reached 65,359 who have been allocated loans worth TZS 168.9 billion.

“This fourth list has 5,003 beneficiaries who can from any time from now on can enter their SIPA loan applications and get more information,” Badru said at a press conference held at HESLB offices in Dar es Salaam.

Elaborating further on the 65,359 beneficiaries, Badru said 1,133 beneficiaries are orphans who lost both parents; 9,450 bereaved parents; 198 are students with disabilities; 2,919 were funded by various institutions in their secondary studies; and 51,559 come from poor households.

“With these statistics, you will see that the Government’s commitment to empower young people from poor households is proven,” said Badru, adding that 41 percent of the 65,359 beneficiaries are women and 59 percent are men.

Loans for continuing students

At the same time, Badru said that HESLB is finalizing the payment of 74,440 students who are beneficiaries who are continuing their studies after receiving their examination results confirming that they have passed their studies.

“We have more than 98,000 beneficiaries who are continuing their studies and to date (Friday, October 29, 2021) we have received the results of the 74,440 students who passed and we will start sending money tomorrow,” said Badru.

Referral Window

Regarding the next step, Badru said the appeal window will open on November 6, 2021 to give students who are dissatisfied with current loan rates to submit applications for extension.

Continuing studies and have applied for a loan for 2021/2022

“We have been receiving inquiries about further students who have applied for a loan this year… we are finalizing their list and will release it in the next few days after they are satisfied with their need and confirm that they have passed their exams and their results have been submitted to us,” said Badru.

Education for first year students

In another development, Badru said HESLB officials are holding meetings with first-year college students to educate them about payment procedures and clarify various issues that arise.

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