TAMISEMI Selform form five 2022 |selform form five 2022, selform.tamisemi.go.tz 2022, Form Five Selection 2022/2023. Form five selection, TAMISEMI will use selform to allocate Students for their choice of school, college, and combination or courses they want to study. As student has to be very careful with your choices so as you can study what you want.

The role of TAMISEMI is to coordinate and supervise regional development management and administration. TAMISEMI coordinates rural and urban development management policy and strategies; coordinates Regional Secretariats activities and builds their capacity in institutional development strategies for integrated socioeconomic development and financial.

Nembo Ta Taifa 32

TAMISEMI Selform form five 2022

The Ministry also coordinates and supervises development planning and sectoral interventions on donor supported programmes at district and other locals levels; issues ministerial guidelines to Regional Secretariats and Local Government Authorities; and strengthen the channel of communication and information flow between the national and subnational levels.

How to check TAMISEMI Form Five Selection 2022

The following below are steps to see all names of students with their school and combination he or she will go to study in advanced level:

  • Step 1. Visit the official website of TAMISEMI http://selform.tamisemi.go.tz
  • Step 2. Click on the official link of Selection Results
  • Step 3. Candidates can find the Selection Results by scrolling down the page
  • Step 4. Check your name from the list that will be presented in online mode.
  • Step 5. Candidates may download and print out multiple copies of the list for any future references

When TAMISEMI Release Selection Form Five 2022 ?

TAMISEMI Selform form five 2022, The government VIA TAMISEMI will soon announce the names of successful selected students for admission into various government high schools for the 2022/2023 academic session. Therefore, the full list of students selected to join form five (Majina ya selection form five) for 2022/2023 academic year will be available here on this website after its official release by the Prime Ministers Office Regional Administration and Local Authority – TAMISEMI.

Form Five selection list is something that is expected by a lot of Form four leavers in Tanzania. And hope now you ask each other (lini wanatoa majina waliochaguliwa kidato cha tano 2022).

May or June, 2022 is a date to release the first-round selection of Students selected to join form five.

And the second-round selection is expected to be released when students selected round one went school but somewhere in September. Well, these rumors are exactly what they are rumors.

TAMISEMI Selform form five 2022| Form Five Selection 2022/23



Kubadili Combination Form Five 2022

Form five combination online application system ( Selform System Tamisemi 2022) and selection forms created by The TAMISEMI Regional Administration and Local Government; the system enables Candidates to change Their combination.

Candidates who sat for the 2021 Form Four national exams are offered another opportunity to choose combinations of their choice before the government selects those eligible for Form Five studies.

Therefore, since the year 2018 the Prime Minister’s Office – Regional Administration and Local Government (TAMISEMI) has been providing the chance for form four leavers to apply for various colleges and form five posts through the special online system known as SELFORM MIS – THE SELFORM SYSTEM 2022.

To change combination Click Here

About Form Five Selection 2022

TAMISEMI Selform form five 2022, Students who passed their final examinations of certificate of Secondary Educationa Examinations (CSEE) from Division one to three can select to join form five if you have selected to join advance level during fill selform where student use to selected either join form five to form six or join with colleges from his or her performance in Form Examination Results 2021 that has announced by the National Examination Council of Tanzania (NECTA) on January 2022.


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