14 Job Vacancies at Kilolo District Council _Various Posts


Job Vacancies at Kilolo District Council. Kilolo District was established in 2005 by Government Proclamation No.220 after it was divided from Iringa District. Thus for the period 1961-2005 Kilolo District was part of the Wards and Divisions of Iringa District.

Kilolo District is located between Latitude 70 – 8.30 degrees south of the equator and degrees 340 – 370 east of the Greenwhich line. The district is bordered by Mpwapwa District (Dodoma) to the north, Kilosa District to the North East and Kilombero District to the East by Morogoro Region. To the south is Mufindi District while to the west it is bordered by Iringa (Rural).

Job Vacancies at Kilolo District Council
Job Vacancies at Kilolo District Council

Kilolo District has a total area of 7,882 km2. An average of 86.32% of this area is suitable for agricultural activities which is equivalent to 6803.2 km2. The remaining area of 1077.8 km2 is water area, wildlife reserves, mountains and forests.

Kilolo District is divided into three Divisions namely Kilolo, Mazombe and Mahenge. In addition the District has 24 Wards and 94 Villages, 16 Streets in the small town of Ilula and 499 suburbs

14 Job Vacancies at Kilolo District Council _Various Posts

Kilolo District Council announces Various job opportunities as mentioned in the attached PDF file below

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