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Job vacancies at Nyang’hwale District Council. Nyang’hwale District Council is one of five Councils in Geita Region. It gained the status of being a Council on March 8, 2013 and started working on July,2013.

Nyang’hwale district council was formed from Geita District Council and it has approximately 1450 km squares, the main ethnic groups in the District are Sukuma, Zinza,Kara, Longo.


Job vacancies at Nyang'hwale District Council
Job vacancies at Nyang’hwale District Council

Nyang’hwale District is one of the five districts of Geita Region of Tanzania. Its administrative center is the village Kharumwa. It is bordered to the north by Sengerema District, to the east by Misungwi District and Shinyanga Rural District, to the south by Kahama Rural District, and to the west by Geita District.

As of 2012, the population of Nyang’hwale was 148,320. Nyang’hwale was established in 2012, when it was split off from Geita District and became part of the newly established Geita Region.

19 Job vacancies at Nyang’hwale District Council


Nyang’hwale District council announces various job opportunities as mentioned in the attached PDF file below


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