Orodha ya ajira Mpya Elimu na Afya 2022 | Call for work Teacher and Health


Orodha ya ajira Mpya Elimu na Afya 2022 | Call for work Teacher and Health, Orodha ya walimu walioajiriwa 2022, Recall that in April, 2022; President of the Republic of The Union of Tanzania, Hon. Samia Suluhu Hassan, gave employment permit for Teaching and Health cadres, for employment 9,800 primary and secondary school  teachers, and experts of Health 7,612.

Orodha ya ajira Mpya Elimu na Afya 2022
Orodha ya ajira Mpya Elimu na Afya 2022

Orodha ya ajira Mpya Elimu na Afya 2022 | Call for work Teacher and Health

After obtaining an employment permit, the Office of the President – PMO-RALG issued announcement for various Teaching Graduates and Health Cadres, submit a job application, through the electronic system of receive and process employment applications, from date 20/04/2022 to 08/05/2022. A total of 165,948 applications including 70,780 Women and 95,168 Men received on the system, where applications for Health Cadres is 42,558, and the Teaching Cadre is 123,390.

To facilitate the recruitment process, Office of the President – PMO-RALG created a Special Team, to conduct Application Analysis of Employment, which involved various Institutions. Such institutions include Office of the President State House, Office of the President, Personnel Management of Public and Good Governance, Office of the President – PMO-RALG, Office of Prime Minister, Labor, Youth, Employment and People with Disabilities, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Tanzania Universities Commission (TCU), National Examinations Council of Tanzania (NECTA), National Council of Vocational Education and Training (NACTVET), Secretariat of Employment, Institute for the Prevention and Combating of Corruption (PCCB), and Professional Councils in the Health Sector.

Criteria used in recruitment process

Due to the large number of applicants, the Team Employment Application Analysis was given a set of criteria
as a guide to providing employment to applicants, with a view to ensuring fairness and transparency in this exercise. In ensuring gender equality is achieved, in the criteria used to recruit new employees for the year 2022, each the criterion was based on gender balance. The parameters used are as follows: –

i. Graduation year

In this criterion, priority has been given to applicants with qualifications preceding graduation in the order of the year, according and the need for a cadre / course or level of Education, as well as the year of the course began to produce graduates.

ii. Age of birth

Qualified applicants are selected in accordance with criterion number (i) above were arranged according to age of birth. The goal is to enable applicants approaching the age of 45 years entry into the public service on permanent terms, in accordance with the Employment Policy Management and Employment in Public Service Second Edition 2008.

iii. Applicants with Disabilities

Analysis of applications for people with Disabilities followed criteria both year of graduation and age of birth, shown in item (i) and (ii). However, the parameters these were used to compete for applicants with disabilities only of them, in accordance with the requirements of the Persons with Disabilities Act no. 9 of 2010, section 31 (1) – (3). This analysis was done in collaboration with the Office of the Prime Minister, Labor, Youth, Employment and People with Disabilities

Applicants for Health Cadres ( Walioajiriwa Kada za Afya 2022)

In terms of Health cadres, Qualified Applicants criteria and assigned work centers are 6,876 women are 3,217
equivalent to 46.8 percent and males are 3,659 equal to the percentage 53.2 including 42 with disabilities equivalent to 0.61 percent due to the small number of qualified applicants of the group.

In addition, 736 Health cadres were short of qualified applicants. The cadres are Dentist (50), Dentist (43), Dentist Assistant (244), Radiation Technology (86) and Nurse-level certificate (313). These cadres will be re-advertised to find applicants qualified to fill those vacancies.


Applicants for Teacher Cadres | Walimu walioajiriwa

In terms of Teacher cadres, Qualified Applicants The criteria and assigned work centers are 9,800 of which a total of
5,000 teachers are assigned to Primary schools and 4,800 teachers Secondary schools, including teachers with school disabilities Primary and Secondary 261. Out of 5,000 primary school teachers women are 2,353 equivalent to 47.06 percent and males are 2,647 equivalent 52.94. In the case of 4,800 high school teachers women are 1,289 equivalent to 26.85 percent and men are 3,511 equivalent to 73.15 percent.

In addition, teachers with disabilities 261 of employed Primary and Secondary schools are equivalent to 2.66 percent of all employed teachers including women 84 and 177 men. I would also like it to be understood that, for teachers secondary schools have provided science jobs for percentages 76 of the 4,800 positions we were given.


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