How to get 4000 watch hours fast on YouTube video | Monetize your YouTube channel FAST

How to get 4000 watch hours fast on YouTube video

How to get 4000 watch hours fast on YouTube video | Monetize your YouTube channel FAST. If you want to get Monetized on YouTube, you need to get 4000 Hours of Watch Time on your video. Tis article will break to you Best tips you have to do in order to get monetized fast on YouTube.

In order to get join YouTube Partner Program and starting making money on your YouTube channel, you have to meet one thousand Subscribers and 4000 hours of Watch Time on your Previous article we have talked on  Simple tips on how to get subscribes on YouTube just click here. 

How to get 4000 watch hours fast on YouTube video
How to get 4000 watch hours fast on YouTube video
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How to get 4000 watch hours fast on YouTube video

In This article we break exactly best tips that will make you get monetized fast on YouTube. I know you my be a small youtuber and you want to get 4000 Hours of Watch Time in order to apply for monetization


Getting 4000 Hours of Watch Time you need to get 240,000 Minutes of Watch time. One of the important you need to know if you get 100k Watch hour look at average duration of the Video. Let take example you Uploaded a video of half an hour, the average duration of the people that watch your video will determine the exactly successfully you video is performing. Average Duration of people watching your video Determine how Much people enjoying your video.

Tips #01: Create Long Video.

Creating long and Quality Video will help you to crab a lot of watch time on your Video. So you can ask How long should my Video on YouTube be?. Yes To get monetized on YouTube is Quickly. Long Video I Recommend for you to Upload on your channel is 8 – 12 Minutes videos. This is not only help you to get monetized but also once you will already get monetized will help you to place ads inside the video called Midrolls Ads. Any Video more than 8 minute long you can place ads inside it and help to maximize your earnings on YouTube.  The Benefits of this is, the average duration of people watching your Video will always almost 3 – 4 minutes which will make 30 – 50 retention rate.

Tips #02: Create Live streams.

This is a simple way you can use to crab 4000 Hours of Watch time on your Channel. But the warning is you have to  start  steaming live after you have at least 300 – 500 subscribers. Live streaming is a powerfully way you can get monetized fast. This is not only to get watch Hours also live stream helps to increase subscribers and hence help to meet the YPP Program easily.

4000 Watch hours is not Impossible, every one can get those watch hours and get Monetized.

Tips #03: Uploads Public Video frequently and consistently 

I think this article is very helpful to you, If So leave a comment below,  also you can check this article on how to fill YouTube Tax form on AdSense Click here

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